Central Texas College

Graduation FAQs

I think I am ready to graduate. What now?

It is your responsibility as the student to know when you are ready. To verify this, we suggest you request an update to your SOC agreement before applying for graduation. See Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC) for additional information. GoArmyEd students should use the online preliminary degree audit request located on the Central Campus Distance Learning website's Graduation and Degree Audit page: http://online.ctcd.edu/military/grad.cfm. All students are encouraged to request an update to their SOC agreement when they are within 9-12 hours of graduation.

I have verified I am ready to graduate. How do I apply?

Degrees and certificates are conferred three times each year, in December, May, and August. It is your responsibility to submit your graduation application by the deadlines below, if you wish to be considered as a candidate for graduation.

Deadlines for application submission:

  • December graduation: October 1
  • May graduation: February 1
  • August graduation: June 10

Postmarks are accepted as date of submission. Visit your local CTC PFEC representative and request an application or click here for the Application for Degree or Certificate. You may take your completed graduation application to your local CTC PFEC representative or mail it to:

Central Texas College - PFEC
Attention: Graduation Specialist
Unit 15559 - Camp Market
APO AP 96283-5559

We cannot accept applications by email or fax since we require your original signature.

I am enrolled in my last class. Can I apply?

Yes you can apply. However, all course requirements for your degree or certificate must be completed by the end of the month of graduation. For example: May 31 for May graduation; August 31 for August graduation; or December 31 for December graduation. If you are completing coursework at a different institution and require it be transferred in, make sure to have the official transcript sent directly to CTC PFEC at the address above after the completion of the course. This document can arrive any time after the graduation date. If, for any reason, you are unable to complete graduation requirements by the deadline, you will be required to resubmit your application for a subsequent graduation.

I have submitted my application. When will I receive a response?

CTC conducts graduation reviews on or after the respective application submission deadlines. For example, we will not review candidate applications for December graduation before October 1. If you submit your application early, do not expect a response until after the respective final submission deadline for applications.

What will I receive after I apply?

If we determine you have met all degree requirements, you will receive a complimentary official transcript verifying you have graduated. We will issue your diploma on or after the official graduation date.

If we determine you have not met all graduation requirements, you will receive a letter listing all missing documentation and/or coursework needed. You are responsible for timely submission of required documentation.

I do not want to participate in a ceremony. Can I just get my diploma?

Taking part in a ceremony is not required for graduation. You will receive your diploma by mail after the official graduation date, whether you participate in a ceremony or not. You are a confirmed graduate only upon receipt of your official CTC transcript indicating your graduation. Deadline and official graduation dates do not coincide with any specific marching ceremony.

I want to march in a ceremony. What can I do?

After you apply for graduation, you will receive correspondence explaining the graduation procedure along with a Marching Request Form. If you are interested in marching in the annual Texas ceremony held in May each year, be sure to return the form marking the appropriate response indicating you do wish to attend. In the spring, you will be sent additional information in reference to the ceremony, rehearsal, caps and gowns, etc. To be eligible to march in the Texas ceremony, you must have graduated in the current academic year. If you wish to participate in a ceremony at a CTC site near you, contact that site directly since they handle everything related to their ceremony. Click here for local PFEC site contact information: PFEC Locations.