Central Texas College

Fort Hood Campus

The Fort Hood Campus offers five 8-week terms throughout the year. Most courses are taught after duty hours and at lunchtime. The courses are available to active duty, retired military and civilians. To view course schedules, visit our website at http://www.ctcd.edu/academics/class-schedules/.

For more information about the Fort Hood programs, please contact:
Student Services: 254-526-1917
Student Records: 254- 526-1906

Hours: Monday - Friday 0730 - 1630

Message from the Dean - Continental and Fort Hood Campuses

Dr. Tina Ady Greetings from Fort Hood. My staff and I are committed to providing high quality services and instruction to the military and civilian communities in Central Texas. Our students have a multitude of educational programs available to them and our professional staff guides them along their educational paths. Our faculty and staff share a commitment to the personal development of every student. We will do our best to accommodate our students' requests and provide superb education. -- Dr. Tina J. Ady, dean