Central Texas College (CTC) now provides an email address for its students worldwide. Known as EagleMail, students were assigned a new free CTC email account upon registering for the fall 2014 semester. EagleMail is now the preferred email address for any student electronic communications from the college.

The new e-mail has been formatted with the student’s first name initial, full last name. In case of duplicate names, a sequential number will be assigned to the address. Students will receive an activation email within three days of account creation. It contains log-in and other instructions for accessing the new email.

“The activation email was sent to the student’s email address with which they currently receive CTC communication,” explained Barbara Merlo, CTC director-marketing and outreach. “From there, students can log-in with their temporary assigned password then create a password to access the account. The new email accounts are based on the Gmail platform powered by Google, so many students will be familiar with the interface.”

Merlo noted students who do not wish to keep up with another email address or prefer to use an existing email can simply forward e-mails from their EagleMail address to their personal or work email address. ”Since all official communication from CTC will be sent to the EagleMail address, we encourage students to use the new address or forward their emails accordingly,” she said.

The first email accounts were activated July 28 and students received an activation email as early as July 29 for classes starting the first week in August. Returning and new students that registered on July 28 for fall semester classes, which started August 25, received their new email account on August 18 and an activation email on August 19.

All CTC students across the globe, with the exception of Continuing Education students, received an EagleMail account. “CTC’s military students using the GoArmyEd portal will still receive any CTC correspondence that goes through that portal to whatever address they have already have established,” said Merlo. But we encourage these students to change their email address in the portal to the new CTC student email address so they do not miss any relevant CTC communications.”

For some online students, Merlo noted their initial class notification may be sent to their existing email address. “Because of the way online students are entered into our Blackboard distance learning management system, local students who registered for an online class the week prior to the class start date may receive their initial Blackboard notification to the email address already on file.”

Now that the fall semester is underway, access to the new EagleMail address can be made through a log-in icon on each student page of the CTC website. Students needing technical assistance such as help with the log-in, can contact the CTC IT Helpdesk.