Public television station KNCT-TV, located on the campus of Central Texas College, will air a special program documenting the history of the Dust Off/MEDEVAC helicopter air crews. “When I Have Your Wounded – The DUSTOFF Legacy,” is a one-hour documentary chronicling the legacy of the Army Dust Off/MEDEVAC program from Korea and Vietnam through current U.S. Army campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. The unique story captures the skill, dedication and professionalism of the Army aviation community, as well as bridges the connection of current Army aviation MEDEVAC pilots and their forefathers through multiple conflicts during the past 50 years.

The pilots, known as Dust Offers, accept a voluntary assignment with a job description that reads, "Individuals must be willing to fly unarmed helicopters into war zones to rescue the wounded under enemy fire." The documentary introduces the viewer to the men and women of Dust Off and the type of individuals who willingly accept this type of job. The show depicts the helicopter MEDEVAC units who transport the wounded off the front lines of battle, provide medical care in transport and deliver them safely to the hospitals for further medical care.

During the show, viewers will be carried through a heroic, life-saving revolution in battlefield medicine forged by the dedication of soldiers who put their lives on the line – soldiers such as Major Charles Kelly, the first Dust Offer killed in Vietnam, whose phrase “When I have your wounded” became the mantra and driving force for Dust Off warriors. The legacy is carried on by men such as 1LT Bruce Zenk of the 57th Medical Detachment and his son, Major Pat Zenk, commander of the Dust Off unit in Afghanistan.

From the program’s early pioneers to today heroes, “When I Have Your Wounded” recounts the U.S. Army’s most noble mission as these brave soldiers flew unarmed helicopters into the thick of battle to save the lives of those wounded in war. KNCT-TV will air “When I Have Your Wounded” on Thursday, August 14 at 7 p.m. The station can be found on Channel 4 on the local cable network, Channel 46-1 for HD Dish and Direct TV subscribers and Channel 46 for non-cable viewers.