Flight TeamFor the second consecutive year, the Central Texas College (CTC) Aviation Science Flight Team was named the top two-year school competing in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference (SAFECON) championship. The event was held last week at the University of Wisconsin. More than 500 student pilots from 30 four year, two-year and other flight training schools competed in a series of ground and flying events during the week-long event. Competing schools included the United States Naval Academy, United States Air force Academy, Embry Riddle Aeronautics University, Auburn University, the University of Wisconsin and the University of North Dakota.

CTC finished 20th overall with a 20th place ranking in the flight events and 15th in the ground events. CTC pilots also won the competition’s safety award and finished 22nd for the Judge’s Trophy which is based on the overall participation of a team’s individual members. Individually, Han Sang Woo was named outstanding team member for CTC.

CTC placed as follows in the competition categories:

Aircraft Pre-flight Inspection (58 competitors): Josiah Whatley – 27th place; and Scott Peterson – 33rd place

Aircraft Recognition (144 competitors): Nathaniel George – 72nd place; Shawn Tschoepe – 114th place; Branden Tippen and Cesar Suarez tied for 131st place; Tyler Pauly – 137th place

Computer Accuracy (143 competitors): Whatley – 65th place; Sang Woo Han – 96th place; Jeffrey Wilson – 97th place; Tippen – 112th place; Pauly – 143rd place

CRM Loft (29 competitors): George, pilot flying, and Wilson, pilot monitoring – 20th place

Ground Trainer (58 competitors): Whatley – 14th place; Tschoepe – 45th place

Instrument Simulated Flight (29 competitors): George – 12th place

Message Drop (144 competitors): Tschoepe (dropmaster)/Peterson (pilot) – 59th place; Han (dropmaster)/Tschoepe (pilot) – 69th place; Tippen (dropmaster)/George (pilot) – 78th place; Suarez (dropmaster)/Wilson (pilot) – 79th place; Pauly (dropmaster)/Whatley (pilot) – 86th place

Power-off Landing (144 competitors): Wilson – 26th place; Whatley – 45th place; Tschoepe – 84th place; George – 116th place; Peterson – 125th place

Short Field Landing (87 competitors): Wilson – 27th place; George – 33rd place; Tschoepe – 65th place

Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation (145 competitors): Tschoepe – 113th place; George – 119th place; Peterson – 129th place; Suarez – 132nd place; Han – 138th place

Traditional Navigation (25 competitors): George (pilot)/Wilson (safety observer) – 13th place; Tschoepe (pilot)/Peterson (safety observer) – 17th place; Whatley (pilot)/Tippen (safety observer) – 20th place

Top Scoring Contestant (368 competitors): George – 44th place; Whatley – 89th place; Tschoepe – 89th place; Han – 145th place; Wilson – 263rd place; Pauly, Peterson, Suarez and Tippen – 264th place

The CTC Flight Team earned a spot in the national competition based on its second place finish in the Region IV Intercollegiate Flying Association Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference (SAFECON) championship last October. In the regional event, CTC won first place in the flight events and third place in the ground events for the second place overall regional finish.

CTC offers a two-year program leading to an associate in applied science degree and the commercial pilot certification with an instrument rating. The curriculum includes 14 core courses in aviation such as private flight, advanced air navigation, aviation meteorology, instrument flight and aerodynamics.

Pictured is the CTC Flight Team which competed at the national SAFECON event: top row (left to right): Shawn Tschoepe and Nathan George; middle row (left to right): Brandon Tippen, Cesar Suarez, Fares Nafaa, Tyler Pauly and Jeff Wilson; bottom row (left to right): Josiah Whatley, Han Sang Woo, Scott Peterson and Amanda Wilkinson.