The Central Texas College (CTC) Foundation held a reception recently to recognize 126 scholarship winners and the community members who made the scholarships possible. More than $230,000 in scholarship funds was presented to nearly 150 students for use in the 2017-18 academic year. Both academic merit and need-based scholarships were awarded.

The CTC Foundation was established in 1992 to help CTC grow through the acquisitions of gifts of scholarships, equipment and other donations to benefit students. The Foundation has grown to 153 endowed scholarships and a $6.7 million endowment. In the past nine years, the CTC Foundation has awarded more than $1.2 million in scholarships.

Winners of the Wolf-Warrior Scholarship were Joshua Brewer, Shantelle Clark, Na'kiya Henderson, Christian Horton, Zsamiel Hunter, Destinee Johnson, Karla Juarez, Jonathan Lenderman, Madison Long, Yoseiby Mejia, Morgan Powell, Angielice Rivera DeOverstreet, Dante Rose, Mario Santocono and Kyree Williams.

The Gordon Graves Boys and Girls Club Green Vest Endowed Scholarship was awarded to Sharon Bravo, Dayjah Cobb,  John Fizer, Matthew Harris, Sarah Hudson-Vincent, Brittany Romero, Keeana Shaw, Alex Wilson, Mary Wood and Aelissa Vasquez.

Students who won the CTC-University of Texas A&M-Central Texas Endowed Scholarship were Taylor Botset, Ruth Lautenschlager, Rhema Morrall, Deajon Stevens and Ayele Tete.

Winners of the Florence and Tolly Moore Memorial Endowed Scholarship were Brandon Collins, Israel Delatorre, Kayla Kunz, Kelly Lathrop, Mya Randles, Danielle Sanchez, Courtney Wester and Talia Williams.

The Jane and Sid Wieser Endowed Scholarship was presented to Donald Bagley, Anja Gutierrez, Christina Paddock-Chappell, Zahira Tedder, Ivana Walker and Debbie Wragg.

The Betsy and Kyle Hilliard Endowed Scholarship in Nursing was awarded to Sherrita Batiste, Yexzamanith Campuzano, Rachael Hepburn and Kasondra Jordan.

Other scholarship winners were: Juliana Milsap and Terry Wallace – Enactus Endowed Scholarship

Jessica Faglie and William Smith – LULAC Council Scholarship Fund

Sophia Caro and Akiura Kelley – Cove Meadows Management Scholarship

John Bognot, Adela Magallanes and Leah Vargo - Frank Mayborn Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics and Science

Ryan Brown - Bernice M. Beck Memorial Endowed Banking and Accounting Scholarship

Kyle Clemons and Brooke Dollard - James and Bernice Lindley Endowed Scholarship

Karli Collins - Lott, Vernon Endowed Scholarship

Tobi Camp and Rutha Miller - C. E. Fikes "CEFCO" Endowed Scholarship in Business

Charles Snodgrass - Central Texas College Faculty Senate Endowed Scholarship

Marissa Hill - J. Barry Siebenlist MD Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Sara Aleem - Central Texas College Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Media and Technology

Devyn Carter - Diane and Ted Connell Endowed Scholarship in Aviation

Letisha Salmon - Jerrie Sue and Tony Cleaver Endowed Scholarship in Office Technology

Rachel James - Rena Pearce Coston Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Rebecca Adams and Elizabeth Qualls - W. A. Roach Endowed Scholarship

Fares Nafaa - David H. O'Neall Endowed Scholarship

Jessie Wilkinson - Ed Jasuta Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Telecommunications

Janet Jackson - Kandace and Dennis Eakin Endowed Scholarship

Juan Carrasquillo and Jason Miller - Golden Deeds Awards Endowed Scholarship

Lynn Fetcinko and Evan Valek - Eugene Smith Endowed Scholarship

Cortney Prout - Local Hero's Endowed Scholarship

Zuleyka Salah - Lovett Ledger Endowed Scholarship

Stephanie Graham Davidson and Terri Hudson - Roy Reynolds Endowed Scholarship

Stephen Pasowicz - Heating & Air Conditioning Club Endowed Scholarship

Mary Fisher, JaMichael Hill and Breanna Marshall - Al Ornstein Endowed Scholarship

Sabrina Carter and Jesus Munozpagan - Dr. Stanley and Dr. Billie Laney Endowed Scholarship

Mabel Ankrah-Kusi - Central Texas College Risk Management Wellness Committee Scholarship

Kyren Thomas and Hannah Valdary - Central Texas College Retiree Association Endowed Scholarship

Tamica Cormier-Grant - Alfred and Jo Nell Werlinger Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Anabel Mathis - Heart of Texas Federal Credit Union/Juanita Williams Endowed Scholarship

Andrew McCord - Moon-Young Song Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics

Andy Franco - Whitis Technology Endowed Scholarship

KC Buddharaj - The Subhani Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Akeem Maxwell - Wickersham/Thomas Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Susanne Tootle - William A. Crawford Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Kyndra Gwin and Camilo Sanz - The Fort Hood Officers Spouses’ Club Endowed Scholarship

Katie Vespe - Central Texas College Student Nurses Association Endowed Scholarship

Erika Fabbri and Ariuntungalag LaMarche - Staff Development Endowed Scholarship (Bowling)

Akassoua Kolawole - Central Texas College Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

Sirena Bielec - Dr. Luis Morton Endowed Scholarship

Bobbie Lemley - Suzette and Ken Chapman Scholarship

Christina Johnson - Johnny Carino Endowed Scholarship in Hospitality

Hannah Valdary - The Bob Gilmore Senior Center Endowed Scholarship

Tiffany DeWitt and Melissa Kingrey - Genevieve K. Shemwell Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Nursing

Ashley Field, Casey Harmon, Alexandra Moylan, Jacqueline Powers and Monica Vasquez - Helen and William Bigham Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Alicia Martinez-Lambey - O'Connell Robertson and Associates Endowed Scholarship

Brianne Lubetich - Phyllis Allen Barron Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Tawa Seabrook - Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Lydia Vancura Endowed Scholarship

Sandra Dunn - The William Christopher Wilson Endowed Scholarship

Nicole Samdumu - Horace Grace Endowed Scholarship in African American Studies

Pamela Henry and Khou Stephens - Dr. James and Mrs. Lois Anderson Endowed Scholarship

Margaret Brafford, Natasha Ferrer and Joseph Gonzales - The John Edward (J. E.) Alexander Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Monica Benton - Amy and Henry Campbell Endowed Scholarship

Lois Torres-Nevarez - Agnes Haug Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Harold Lee - The Annabel R. Aldrich Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Shay Cantrell - The Jacqueline Nash Mackey Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Celestine Barrientos - The Col. Thomas E. “Tiny” and Nora Wesson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Laura Miller - The Charles Haug Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Crystal Innocent - The Bluebonnet Chapter of the International Code Council Endowed Scholarship in Industrial Technology

Michael Mitchell - The Mrs. Lewis C. Shine Business Administration Endowed Scholarship

Walter Egan - The Sallie Mae Education Trust Endowed Scholarship

Kristen Allison - The Elwood Shemwell Endowed Scholarship

Anastasia Jackson - The Congressman Chet and Lea Ann Edwards Endowed Scholarship for United States Military Members and Family

Devyn Carter - The Jose Aponte Endowed Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Christopher Sanchez-Masini - The Betty Smothers Broadhurst Memorial Endowed Scholarship

James Sullivan - The Eloyse Perry Freeman Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Christopher Horne, Shiloh Howell and George Moore - The Iraqi Freedom Scholarship

Joshua Moses - The Killeen Volunteers Inc. Endowed Scholarship

Dachelle Gonzalez Lee - National Military Family Association Scholarship

Amanda Cooke - The Medical Aesthetics FACE Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Vickie Gilliam - The AAUW Lea Ledger Endowed Scholarship

The CTC Foundation will open the online scholarship application again on January 1, 2018, for scholarships to be used during the fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters. For more information, contact the CTC Foundation at 254-526-1662.