The Central Texas College (CTC) Foundation recently announced its scholarship recipients for the 2021 academic year. A total of 155 scholarships equaling $557,300 were awarded to 245 students. Established in 1992, the CTC Foundation has grown to nearly 160 endowed scholarships and a $6.7 million endowment. In the past 10 years, the CTC Foundation has awarded more than $1.2 million in scholarships.  

In addition to endowed scholarships, CTC established the COVID-19 Recovery Scholarship to help provide funding for a maximum of 15 semester hours plus books and instructional materials. The scholarship was open to new, returning and current students worldwide and allowed several students to complete their certificate or degree program while others were able to continue with their studies in the summer and fall semesters.

During the pandemic, CTC was awarded additional grant funding from the Texas Higher Education Foundation Texas emergency aid program administered through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. These emergency funds are being used to help student address basic needs created by the campus closure and other COVID-19 related disruptions.

In August, the CTC Foundation created the Discretionary Scholarship thanks to a generous donation of $250,000. Funds from the scholarship are used to pay for additional classes, instructional materials and to pay account balances that would otherwise require students to withdraw from their courses. To date, CTC has served 393 students totaling $206,046 through the Discretionary Scholarship. “The Discretionary Scholarship really has been a lifesaver for many students,” said Marcine Chambers, director of the CTC Foundation. “Without these funds, some students would be forced to drop their classes and therefore not complete their degree program. Now they are able to finish their studies, graduate and become employable.”

For currently enrolled students who have experienced unexpected financial issues affecting their ability to finish school, the CTC Foundation provides financial assistance through the Emergency Eagle Aid program. These funds are used to help students pay for emergencies such as a utility payment, car repair or other hardship that puts the student at risk of being unable to continue in school.

CTC students have also received more than $500,000 through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act which was designed to assist students with expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to COVID-19. The most common expenses are technology needs based on moving from on-campus to online and synchronous virtual classes.

“Funding from the CARES Act is a one-time grant which does not reduce, negate or replace financial aid,” said Chambers. “Eligible students can only receive one CARES ACT Emergency Aid grant with a maximum amount of $750.” Funds from the CARES Act can be used for food, housing, course materials, technology equipment or childcare expenses. However, all expenses must to be tied directly to a specific change in how the college is operating due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

CTC Foundation scholarships were awarded to:

Wayne Racine, Korey Vinson, Saquoi Dreckette, Thalia Maysonet, Morgan Powell, Christian Horton, Crystal Villalpando, Aryanna Hoppmann, Soniell Rivas, Maisa Faasa and Carmen Cordero – The Wolf-Warrior Endowed Scholarship for CTC and Texas A&M University-Central Texas

Aelissa Vasquez, Alex Wilson, Alexia Wilkinson, Alyssia Wilkinson, Atlanta Bain, Brittany Romero, Efrain Flores, Grace Hudson, Jamycus Brown, John Fizer, Juan Villafana, Kara Ford,

Kaylee Welch, Sharon Bravo, Jaquariz Butler and Graziela Lopez – Gordon Graves Boys & Girls Club of Central Texas Green Vest Scholarship

Justyce Ayers, India Webster, Alexandria Ramage, Yolanda Njomjue, James Wickham and

Barbara Pressley – Al Ornstein Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Tiffany Miller, Alexus Shipp, Xiomara Santos, Sun Kim, Rebecia Whitt, Karleys Pena Gonzalez, Tamisha Washington and Nina Ramos – Betsy and Kyle Hilliard Endowed Scholarship

Dana Capobianco, Talon Cooper and Julie Windham – Central Texas College Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

Jessica Drye, Dana Palen, Jennifer Calamateo and Lisa Colon-Flores - Christmas Affair's Committee Endowed Scholarship

Laura Richardson, Taylor Botset and Ruth Lautenschlager – The CTC-Texas A&M University-Central Texas Endowed Scholarship

Martha Medrano Pineda, Caitlin Woods and Yesenia Guierrez – Dr. James R. and Lois A. Anderson Endowed Scholarship

Mathieu Frajkor, Lisa-Marie Akindayomi and Elizabeth O'Bier – Dr. W. A. Roach and Mrs. Joyce Roach Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

JaHari Bates, Michael Ortega Matos and Samantha Frederick – The Eagle Warrior Scholarship

Elizabeth Sproul, Jonny Pruitt, Janet O'Shea, Magnolia Alexander, Areonnia Knight, Melton Bowen, Arielle Kittle and Londae Brinson – The Frank Mayborn Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Tyneshia Davis, Shiloh Campbell and Steve Torres – The Eugene Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Lily Sun, Christina Strohfus, Venatius Forka and Sylvia Therkildsen – The Genevieve K. Shemwell Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Justyce Ayers, Ashleigh Clark, Alejandra Baxter and Christopher Pate – Golden Deeds Awards Recipients Endowed Scholarship

Brandi Mitchell, Ethan Austin -Elbaz, Alexia Wilkinson, Susan Lee and Fernando Castro – The Helen Bigham Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Nursing Students

Nicole Burgess, William Tice, Samuel Goody and Brian Ombeo – Iraqi Freedom Endowed Scholarship

James Maupin, Michelle Trulli, Kathleen Mantha, Steele Straley, Lisa Guajardo, Taylor Garner, Iana Nunez, Dandrea Crowder and Erica Cruz - James Richard Rominger, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Bintu Moriba, Faith Harry and Delania Rico - J. Barry Siebenlist MD Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Hunter Farris, Christopher Speidel and Payton Polk - Jacob Lee Costa Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Maria Basco, Monica Deal, Lawanda Robinson, Honeylet Franks, Lenyrose Breytspraak, My'onna Morse, Marlene Horne, Mack Johnson, Jahlia Davis and Garciela Suarez – Jane and Sid Wieser Vocational/Technical Scholarship

Timothy Murphy, Alan Flores, Patricia Biggs and Dana Brown – John Edward (J.E.) Alexander Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Heather Wagner, Juan Alberto Saldana and Rebecca Treiber – Joyce Wright Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Real Estate

David Regan, Pamela Kemp and Johnathan Juliano – Jimmie Don and Marie Aycock Scholarship

Emily Salazar, Jorge Cruz, Beatrice Waithaka, Noah Samarripa and Sandra Gainer – Roy Reynolds Endowed Scholarship

Damaris Perez, Erica Castaneda, TraJian Morgan, Lashenda Basbour, Kathryn Tillman, Lori DeSantis and Samantha Pate – Single Mothers Endowed Scholarship

Tiffanie Locke, Andrew Venegas, Emily Del Principe, Jarrad George, Danice Emery and Ann Franklin – Tolly and Florence Moore Endowed Scholarship

Angelica Clubb, Cecilia Ford and Sharebia Taylor – Tony and Jerry Sue Cleaver Endowed Scholarship

Eric Reed – Young-Sook "Teresa" Kwon Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics

Sandra Garcia – William Christopher Wilson Endowed Scholarship

Petra Mora – William A. Crawford Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Dr. Luis M. Morton, Jr. Endowed Academic Scholarship

Juana Hernandez – Wickersham-Thomason Memorial Scholarship

Hanwool Lee – Weldon and Nancy Whitis Endowed Technology Scholarship and the Subhani Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Tierra Morgan – Virginia Frances Piper Samuel Endowed Scholarship

Anna Sanchez – Two J's Computer Endowed Scholarship

Olive Nitowouo – Troy Milton Faucett and Juanita Lee Faucet Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Christopher Speidel and San Woo Han – Ted and Diane Connell Endowed Aviation Scholarship

Magaly Marin – Tammy Lynn Schamberger, R.N. Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship

Lindsey Morgan – Taek-Sik Lim Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics, the Father Ray "Colonel" Widacki Endowed Scholarship in Mathmatics, the Duk Nam Jin Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics and the Father Robert Richard Becker Endowed Scholarship in Mathmatics

Randi Traylor – Silverblatt Law Firm Endowed Scholarship

Stacy Nietsche – Sherene Brewer CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship In Early Childhood Professions

Josue Melendez – Sallie Mae Education Trust Endowed Scholarship

Samuel Goody – Rudolph and Kathryn Schnitz Memorial Scholarship

Allyson Ruble – Ruby Brown Delta Omega Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

James Valent – Roy Jason Crawford Endowed Memorial Scholarship and the Good Time Action Games Tim and Donna Crosslin Scholsrship 

Tyler Maddox and Amanda Chambers – Roy J. Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Madison Gallagher – Robert Liberty Family Endowed Scholarship

Kim Rowan – Robert and Noreen Williams Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Felicia Moran and Sun Kim – CTC Risk Management Wellness Committee Scholarship

Tyneshia Davis and Lillian Ruiz – Reana Pearce Coston Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Nursing Students

Alan Abraham – R.K. Bass Electric III, L.P. Endowed Scholarship and the Bluebonnet Chapter of the International Code Council Endowed Scholarship in Industrial Technology

Amber Noury – Phyllis Allen Barron Nursing Scholarship Endowment

Lisa Colon-Flores – Oveta Culp Hobby Memorial Library Scholarship

Barbara Pressley – Office Technology Endowed Scholarship

Thomas Vinton – O'Connell, Robertson & Associates Endowed Scholarship

Jazzmin Ledesma and Kelvin Reid – CTC Net Impact Endowed Scholarship

Benjamin Rybak-Dow – National Bank Gatesville, Texas Endowed Scholarship

Peggy Hill – Murl and Reba Hennigan Endowed Scholarship

Victor San Nicolas – Michael H. Cox Camp Pendleton Scholarship Fund

Christina Strohfus and Kim Rowan – Metroplex Health System Henderson-Garrett Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Joshua Wisch – Medical Aesthetics FACE Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Fernando Castro – Mary McGinnis Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Joy Rodgers – Marvin and Dorthy Mickan Endowed Scholarship

Susan Schenck – Mari Meyer Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Lily Sun – Major Andrea A. Nielson, USAF (Retired) Scholarship Endowment for Women

Ajae Anderson and Joshua Talavera – LULAC Council Scholarship Fund

Rocio Martinez – Lovett L. Ledger Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Terri Isbell – Lott Vernon & Co., P.C. Endowed Scholarship

Lorri Ginn – Lola E. Hayden Four Winds Intertribal Society Memorial Endowed

Zachary Gearhart – Local Heroes Endowed Scholarship

Melanie Mason – Lewis C. and Margie E. Shine Family Business Administration Scholarship

Myrna Sanchez – Killeen Wal-Mart Center Endowed Scholarship

Mirands Robertazzi – Killeen Garden Club Endowed Academic Scholarship

My'onna Morse – Killeen Evening Lions Club Endowed Scholarship

Dana Brown – Julia A. Koen, Susan L. Faucett, and Jane St. John Endowed Emergency Medical Technology Scholarship

Diana Ortiz – Judy Marshall CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship and the Diane Hunter CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Professions

Moriah Sordelet – Joseph Russo Endowed Scholarship in Drama

Renee Bowie – Jose Aponte Endowed Scholarship for Students with Disabilities and the Eloyse Perry Freeman Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Mack Johnson – Johnny Carino Hospitality Endowed Scholarship

Cecilia Ford and Barbara Pressley – John and Elizabeth Cheatham Endowed Scholarship in Office Technology

Carolina Rosario – Jim and Nancy Yeonopolus Endowed Scholarship

Julie Windham – Janeen Garza CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship

James Juliano and James Wiley – James R. and Bernice Lindley Endowed Scholarship

Justyce Ayres – James Davis Waters Memorial Scholarship

Felicia Moran – Jacqueline Nash Mackey Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Jesse Cain – J. Manning Family Endowed Scholarship

Nancy Blas-Mendez – Hord-Johnson Endowed Scholarship in Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Drafting/Design and Industrial Technology

Steve Joanis and Edman Outlaw – Horace Grace African-American Studies and Research Endowed Scholarship

Lydia Zimmermen – Helga Shelton Endowed Scholarship Fund

Johnathan Juliano – Heart O'Texas Federal Credit Union/Juanita C. Williams Endowed Scholarship

Amanda Russell – Gunn Woo Lee Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics

Melissa Miller – Guinn and Darlene Fergus Memorial Endowment

Stacy Lemus – Gordon E. Bacon and CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Professions

Alyssa Sorters – Epically Geeky Expo Student Ambassador Endowed Scholarship

Sang Woo Han – Epically Geeky Expo Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Endowed Scholarship

Giovanna Bruniera de Oliveira – Frankie Baggett Endowed Fine Arts Scholarship

Mary May Cooley – Four Winds Intertribal Society Warriors Endowed Scholarship

Brittany Simpkins – Four Winds Intertribal Society Paula Brock Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Steve Joanis and Dianel Thrash – Fort Hood Officers Spouses' Club Endowed Scholarship

Rie Zeranski – First Texas Bank Endowed Scholarship

Byron Needum – First National Bank Texas Accounting, Business and Management Endowed Scholarship Fund

Amanda Chambers – Extraco Banks Endowed Scholarship

Angelica Clubb – Eugene Rorie, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Amanda Russell – Endowed Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship for Second Year Students and the Chae Kwan Lim Ph. D. Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics

Desiree Wickham – Elwood H. Shemwell Endowed Scholarship for Military Dependents

Jennifer Calamateo – Elaine Passmen CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Professions

Alisa Wallace – E. H. and Lorette Rhode Endowed Scholarship

Dejaila Simms – Dr. Stephen and Lydia Vancura Endowed Scholarship

Sara Deem – Dr. Ray Stanley Laney and Dr. Billie Johnson Laney Endowed Scholarship

Rebecca Windham – Dr. Charles Patterson Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Angie Perez – Douglas and Connie Reevey Scholarship Fund

Annette Kingsbury and Veronica Perez – Dennis and Kandace Eakin Endowed Scholarship

Jordan Williams – David Henry O'Neall Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Aubrey Ryan – David Henry O'Neall Memorial Endowed Scholarship and the CW5 (Ret.) William "Sonny" Hinchman Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Aviation

Trina Canion and Ashley Connolly – CTC Foundation Endowed Science Scholarship

Sevket Karadeniz and Colton Smith – CTC Foundation Endowed Media and Technology Scholarship

Cesar Medrano and Storm Young – CTC Foundation Endowed Law, Business and Office Service Scholarship

Anika Harris and Stephanie Lemus – CTC Foundation Endowed Humanities Scholarship

Daisy Mae Estrada – CTC Faculty Senate Endowed Scholarship and the Brenda S. Coley Endowed Scholarship 

Jonny Pruitt – CTC Faculty Senate Competency-Based Skill Center Endowed Scholarship

Monique Dara – Cynthia E Meinen Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Emily Anderson – Cove Meadows Management Corporation Scholarship Fund

Bonnie Stovall – Computer Science Honor Society Endowed Scholarship

Algenis Romero – Congressman Chet and Lea Ann Edwards Endowed Scholarship for U.S. Military Members and Family

Jarred Hogan – Col. Thomas E. "Tiny" and Nora Wesson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Marlene Horne – Charles Lepard "TIGER" Memorial Hospitality Endowed Scholarship

Sandra Gainer – Central Texas College Student Nurses Association Endowed Scholarship

Dana Palen – Central Texas College Staff Scholarship Fund (Bowling)

Victoria Burgess and Sandra Garcia – Central Texas College Police Department Endowed Scholarship

Julian Guerrero – Central Texas College Bookstore Endowed Scholarship

Shiloh Campbell – Catherine Mason CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Professions

Hannah Waldron – Bob Gilmore Senior Center Endowed Scholarship

Mark Hutson – Bob and Linda Farrell Endowed Scholarship in Business

Cristy Johnson – Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb Memorial Scholarship

Tyler Maddox – Betty Smothers Broadhurst Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Tommy Ayala – Bernice M. Beck Memorial Banking and Accounting Endowed Scholarship

Jovita Castro and Lucas Fisher – Bernice and Sis Beck Union State Bank Music Endowment

Cristina Ochoa-Flores – Annabell R. Aldrich Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Shayonna Sutton – Amy and Henry Campbell Endowed Scholarship

Cynthia Regiec – Alfred and Jo Nell Werlinger Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Desean Carington – Albert" Chato" Gauna, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Miranda Robertazzi – CTC Agriculture Department Endowed Scholarship

Alexandria Ramage – CTC Agriculture Department Endowed Academic Scholarship

Myeshia Hendrix – Agnes Haug Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Madaleine Nunez – AAUW Lea Ledger Endowed Scholarship

Daniella Lucien – William Christopher Wilson Endowed Scholarship

The CTC Foundation online scholarship applications will be accepted again in January 2021 for scholarships to be used during the fall 2021 and spring 2022 semesters. For more information, contact the CTC Foundation at 254-526-1662.