Central Texas College (CTC) held its annual service awards ceremony to recognize those employees who reached their service anniversary date this year with at least 10 years of service. Nearly 70 employees with a combined 1,175 years of service received commemorative service pins and gifts.

Topping the list of recipients was 40-year employees Sharon Davis, dean – Distance Education and Education Technology; Lovie Dunn, department chairperson/program coordinator – Office Technology; Jane Gibson, Spanish professor – Communications; and Joann Maxon, manager – Reprographics.

Receiving 35-year service pins were Sherry Pollett, bursar, and Barbara Riffel-Darter, director – IT Information Systems.

Honored for 30 years of service were Doug Barton, internal auditor; Bop Liberty, comptroller; and Mourad Sebti, professor – Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Recognized for 25 years of service were Donna Duran, computer graphics specialist – Marketing and Outreach; Daniel  Karppi, professor – Social and Behavioral Sciences; Regina Martinez-Woodruff, manager – Bookstore; Seung-Hee Pastella, instructional design specialist – Distance Education and Education Technology; and Gene Silverblatt, paralegal program coordinator/professor –Business Administration and Paralegal.

Earning 20-year service pins were Norman Ahlhelm, professor – Computer Information Technology and Systems; Janice Allen, site director – Service Area Campus, Lampasas; Jaime Cardenas; MOS – Fort Hood campus; Teresa Chavez, director – Continuing Education; Douglas Edwards, professor – Computer Information Technology and Systems; Janeen Garza, coordinator – Child Development/Child Development Center; Carla Littlefield, director – IT Customer Service; Jean Livingston, business analyst II – KNCT-FM; Michael Oliver, business office supervisor – Accounts Receivable; and Joseph Young, industrial technology manager – Distance Education and Education Technology.

15-year service honorees were Eugene Andrews, custodial services – Facilities Management; Jan Doyle, research analyst IV – Accounts Receivable; Laszlo Eosze, lab coordinator – Computer Information Technology and Systems; Jasmil Greenthaner, office specialist II – Financial Aid; Renee Henry, department chairperson/professor – Mental Health Services; Michael Hunter, IT security engineer – Information Technology; Holly Jordan, director – Human Resource Management; Rowena Killough, office assistant I – Kinesiology; Stephanie Legree-Roberts, dean – Institutional Accountability and Curriculum Support; Michael Luker, MOS- Fort hood campus; Angela May, coordinator – Business and Community Development; Richard Moore, professor – Biological Sciences; Cynthia Neve, contract/analyst – Accounting; Katherine Oser, department chairperson – Computer Information Technology and Systems; Gail Roderique, supervisor – Accounts Payable; Reineer Schelert, professor – Kinesiology; Mariceli Vargas, director – Student Life and Activities; and Bruce Vasbinder, public relations coordinator – Marketing and Outreach.

Receiving 10-year pins were Nelida   Baker, coordinator – Graduation; Debra Butler, cashier – Bookstore; Amy Churchill, Distance Education and Education Technology; Chastity Clemons, business management professor /Net Impact coordinator – Business Administration and Paralegal; Charese Cruz, academic advisor – Eagles On Call; Sandra Dupuis, clerk III – Outgoing Transcripts; Cindy Fillmore, clerk III – Outgoing Transcripts; Sean Greenthaner, professor – Communications and Media Technology; Myrna Hawkins, academic advisor – Eagles On Call; William Heath, department chairperson/English professor – Communications; Pamela Hill, payroll specialist – Payroll Services; Eva Hutchens, associate dean – Fort Hood campus; William Kirshner, diesel professor – Industrial Technology; Richard Kopec, professor – Biological Sciences; Laura Lamper, department chairperson – Child Development/Child Development Center; Timothy Lofton, IT desktop services technician II – IT Customer Service; Ashley Manry, coordinator – Continental Campus; Marilyn Mapes, department chairperson/professor – Kinesiology; Kirk Meaux, IT Colleague administrator – IT Infrastructure; Anthony Moreno, MOS – Fort Hood Campus; Raquel Rivera, office assistant II - International Student Services; Elizabeth Swope, office assistant II – Central Campus Associate Dean; Patricia Vasbinder, professor – Department of Nursing and Allied Health; Amy Williams, admissions counselor/TSI coordinator – Admissions and Recruitment; and David Wyman, coordinator – Employee Training.