The Central Texas College (CTC) Communications department recently hosted its fifth annual fall semester Speakers’ Showcase. The event provides students in public speaking classes the opportunity to display their speech skills using various speaking formats such as informative and persuasive speeches. Eight students advanced to the final round to present their speech to a panel of judges for a chance to win CTC Bookstore gift cards.

Each student was allowed to four to eight minutes to provide the audience information on a particular topic or persuade the audience to consider the speaker’s viewpoint on a specific subject matter. Judging criteria included organization, introduction/conclusion, supporting material, delivery and language.

Winning first place and a $50 gift card was Jabrone Durant for his persuasive speech, “E-Sports: Is It a Sport?” In second place and receiving a $30 gift card was Jayson Garcia, Early College High School sophomore, for an informative speech called “The Benefits of Stress.” Earning the third place $20 gift card was Keanau Dockins, Early College High School sophomore, for a persuasive piece called “The Death Penalty.”

Earning honorable mention certificates were Early College High School sophomores Alexandria Lambert, for an informative speech called “Baggage” and Amari Reed for her informative speech “Negative Thoughts and Feelings: How to Overcome Them.” Other honorable mention awards were earned by Maritza Rojas – persuasive speech, “Sexual Assault: Stand With Survivors, Don’t Make Them Stay Victims; Susan Preston – persuasive speech – “Read Your Bible;” and Maria Munoz – persuasive speech – “Addiction.”

The CTC Speakers’ Showcase is held each fall and spring semester under the direction of Bethany Winkler, speech professor. CTC students, including those in the Early College High School, who are taking public speaking classes, compete in elimination speech rounds until the top eight speakers are determined to contend in the final round.   

Pictured left to right are Alexandria Lambert, Jayson Garcia, Jabrone Durant, Maria Munoz, professor Bethany Winkler, Susan Preston, Maritza Rojas, Keanu Dockins and Amari Reed.