Central Texas College (CTC) announced a recent donation has funded another financial assistance option to help currently enrolled students stay on track with their education. The new discretionary scholarship covers the cost of additional classes during the fall semester and may be used for any class format (online, blended, real-time virtual, lecture) at any CTC location.

“The discretionary scholarship was created thanks to a very generous, anonymous donation,” said Jim Yeonopolus, CTC chancellor. “The donor wished to prevent students from being derailed by any financial hardships during these difficult times.”

In addition to the new discretionary scholarship, CTC provides financial assistance through Eagle Aid to help students who are experiencing unexpected financial issues affecting their ability to finish school. Students currently enrolled at CTC are eligible to apply for Eagle Aid. “The funds can be used to help students pay for emergencies such as a utility payment, car repair or other hardship that puts the student at risk of being unable to continue in school,” said Yeonopolus. “In these cases, students will not receive the money themselves as it will go directly to the vendor or utility.”

Another financial assistance option is provided through the CARES Act which includes assistance for students with expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to COVID-19. The most common expenses are technology needs based on moving from on-campus to online classes. CTC students have received more than $500,000 to date through the CARES Act.

In addition, the CTC Foundation stocks the Eagles’ Nest Food Pantry through donations to assist students with food insecurities. To use the pantry during the pandemic, an online food selection form is available.

“We hope students in need will take advantage of these assistance programs as our goal is to provide what we can to help them stay in school,” said “Yeonopolus. “These are different and difficult times, which have brought about unforeseen hardships for many. The ability to complete one’s education should still be attainable and an achievable goal.” 

These programs, along with CTC’s low tuition and the availability of financial aid which can cover tuition and other expenses for students who qualify, provide an accessible and affordable option for career training and transferable academic programs and serve as engine for economic recovery.

Applications, eligibility requirements and submission information for the discretionary scholarship, Eagle Aid and CARES Act grants are available on the CTC website at www.ctcd.edu/.