Central Texas College (CTC) announced registration is now open for the fall I term at its Fort Hood campus. The eight-week semester runs August 24 through October 17. Active-duty military personnel using the GoArmyEd portal can register through August 23 while dependents and civilians can register through August 27. Numerous core and elective classes are offered in a blended format combining online and lecture delivery in conjunction with the Education Services Division - Soldier Development Center.

During the fall I term, several courses are offered as part of the College Re-enlistment Incentive Program. These classes are designed for active-duty personnel to attend college courses each day and complete up to 16 credit hours in 16 weeks. Some of the courses available in the program are Composition I (ENGL 1301), American Literature I and II (ENGL 2327 and 2328), Public Speaking (SPCH 1315), Contemporary Mathematics (MATH 1332), Intermediate Algebra (DSMA 0493), College Algebra (MATH 1314), Texas Government (GOVT 2306), U.S. History I and II (HIST 1301 and 1302), General Psychology (PSYC 2301) and Psychology of Adjustment (PSYC 2315).

The math classes in the incentive program are part of the Math Express option which combines a college-level math course with a foundation class. The paring allows students to complete their math requirements faster and usually with a higher success rate. In this option, the co-requisite Intermediate Algebra (DSMA 0493) and College Algebra (MATH 1314) must be taken together.

Students can also take advantage of CTC’s “Two-Fer” plan which integrates two core degree plans courses. Students enroll in both courses simultaneously, which are taught by the same instructor, and receive six college credit hours. During the spring I semester, the two-fer plan includes History 1301 plus English 1301 on Tuesday/Thursday from 1930-2210, History 1302 plus English 1302 on Tuesday/Thursday from 1730-1930. The English papers assigned in the class will fulfill the writing requirements of the history class. Also offered in the “two-fer” format are GOVT 2305 and GOVT 2306 on Monday/Wednesday from 1645 to 1925.

The fall I curriculum includes courses in a variety of programs including business administration, protective services, hospitality and mathematics. Other courses this fall are in the areas of computer information technology and systems, social and behavioral sciences, fine arts and communication. All classes except culinary arts will be held at the CTC location Bldg. 3200 on 72nd Street. Culinary classes will be held at the CTC site Bldg. 3201 and the CTC Culinary Arts Center (Bldg. 335) on 31st Street. 

Students at the Fort Hood campus must have a degree plan on file before registering. All active-duty personnel not using Tuition Assistance and military dependents must submit a Military Verification Form to be eligible for in-state tuition rates. Walk-in registration and advisement is at Building 3201 on 72nd Street from 0730 – 1630, Monday through Friday. Students with questions or who need more information can call the CTC Eagles On Call assistance line at 254-526-1296, Monday through Friday, from 0600 to 2300.