Central Texas College (CTC) announced it has added new classes, class formats and programs to its curriculum for the fall 2017 semester. Several changes to class formats and the addition of new online, classroom and weekend classes will benefit working students and enable them to better fit school into their schedule.

For the upcoming semester, CTC has expanded its flexible class format offerings. Students can earn an associate degree in 15-16 months through a combination of online classes and evening/weekend classes at either the CTC central campus in Killeen or its Fort Hood campus. Degrees available in this format include interdisciplinary studies and business administration at the central campus and applied technology or general studies at the Fort Hood site.

The Mathematics department has added a second college algebra course. The new course, MATH 1414, is occupationally related and serves as preparation for careers in mathematics and engineering. It is a pre-requisite for pre-calculus and includes additional topics such as trigonometry to better prepare math students for upper level courses.

The Electronics department added a new certificate program in the field of robotics. The Industrial Control and Robotics program prepares students for employment in operating, testing, maintaining and calibrating unmanned, automated, servo-mechanical or electromechanical equipment. This type of robotic equipment may be found aboard submarines, aircraft and equipment at worksites such as oil rigs, deep ocean exploration or hazardous waste removal. The program also prepares students to assist engineers in testing and designing robotics equipment.

Office Technology and Medical Office Technology students will now have a self-paced option to complete their studies. Classes in these areas as well as medical coding and billing courses are now offered in an alternative blended format. Students can attend classroom/lab activities for 3.5 hours and then work 3.5 hours from home or other location each week. They can set their own schedule between the hours of 8 a.m. – 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. – 12 p.m., Friday.

The Hospitality department has added a new program, distance learning courses and a blended class. The new Baking and Pastry Specialization program includes 60 credit hours and leads to an associate degree in applied science. The new online courses are Introduction to Hospitality, Principles of Food and Beverage Operations, Hospitality Financial Management, Food and Beverage Management, Purchasing for Hospitality Operations, Hospitality Marketing and Sales and Introduction to Travel and Tourism. In addition, the Fundamentals of Baking class is now offered in a blended format combining hands-on classwork with online assignments that can be completed from home.

CTC also added a new associate degree program in the Business Administration program. The new Accounting Technician degree plan is a 60-credit hour program leading to an associate of applied science degree.  Also added were new stackable Business Management Accounting Specialist and Human Resource Management certificate programs. Stackable programs provide students with immediate workforce skills. Those classes taken in the certificate program can then be stacked or applied to a degree plan should the student choose to continue their education. In addition the department now offers the Principles of Financial Accounting course on Saturday as part of CTC’s Evening/Weekend College program.

In agriculture, CTC now offers a new Principles of Viticulture I class. As part of the horticulture studies program, the class includes the principles and practices of grape production, propagation, trellis and production systems, climate requirements, the economic factors affecting the choice of vineyard type and location, types of wines, proper storage procedures and the techniques of proper wine service.

The three credit-hour class offers both lecture and a hands-on training lab in the CTC greenhouse where students will plant, prune and care for the vines. During the semester, students will also tour several of the local vineyards to get an up-close look at the different types of vineyards and grape requirements. The tours will also serve to provide students opportunities to meet with and learn from local wine grape industry professionals.

The class was added to assist students looking for jobs in the fast-growing wine and vineyard sector of the agriculture industry. The knowledge and hands-on training provided by the new course will assist students be more employment-ready as they complete their degree or certificate program. Principles of Viticulture II will be offered in the spring 2018 semester.

The CTC Kinesiology department has also added new activity courses to its program: Eagle Fit, which is similar to CrossFit training, uses varied functional movements performed at high intensity in a team setting. Boot Camp Fitness incorporates High-Intensity Interval Training in a motivating boot camp setting with functional training exercises and partner and group training. Tae Kwon Do covers fundamentals in the Korean-style of martial arts. Also, the existing weight training class will now be offered in a blended format. Students will have both in-gym and online participation.  

All courses, degree plan and certificate offerings can be found under the Academics tab of the CTC website ctcd.edu. Registration is underway now through August 25 and the fall semester starts August 28.