Central Texas College has partnered with the International Institute of Reflexology®  to offer the Ingham Method® of Reflexolgy.

Reflexology is a science which demonstrates the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance. Reflexology is a significant advance in the health field and should not be confused with massage. For certification in the Ingham Method® of Reflexology, a series of five workshops (Phases I thru V) must be completed. In addition to attending the workshops, students must complete 33 hours of documented sessions outside of class in order to complete the requirements of the course. The International Institute of Reflexology is committed to bring their complete Reflexology Certification Program here for you.

Reflexology: Phase I & II Workshop

Learn the Ingham Method® of Reflexology from the International Institute of Reflexology’s Certified Instructors. Explore

techniques to help yourself, your family and friends. The Ingham Method® is a simple, effective method of helping the

whole body in a natural way. These workshops consist of theory and practical application in which you learn how to

properly apply the Ingham Method® of Reflexology. This class is open to professionals and laymen. Students must

complete 33 hours of documented sessions outside of class in order to complete the requirements of the course. Course

cost includes Phase I and II Study Guide: "Anatomy and Reflexology Helper Areas” and Phase I and II DVD Sets: Part I

Reflexology Introduction and Relaxation Techniques; Phase II: Reflexology Applications and Techniques. Optional

materials will be available for purchase in class. All Instructors are certified by the International Institute of Reflexology.

A minimum of ten (10) students is required to be fully enrolled 30 days prior to the workshop Enrollment deadline is 20 April  2018.  Monthly payments can be made in advance. (2 meetings) (1.6 CEUs)

May 19-20            S/SU      8 am-5 pm          

Phase 1


Phase 2


To learn more, contact the Continuing Education Department at 254-526-1586.