Central Texas College

Licensed Massage Therapy Course Schedule

MSSG 1013 Anatomy and Physiology for Massage
In-depth coverage of the structure and function of the human body including cell structure and function, tissues, body organization and the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous and endocrine systems. It emphasizes homeostasis/wellness care. (Clock Hours/85, CEUs 8.5)
Mar 2-Sep 23,* M/W, 6-9 pm
*No class Mar 16, 18, Sep 7

MSSG 1007 Business Practices and Professional Ethics
The course offers a study of physical and financial office practices and marketing. It includes ethical practices for massage therapists as established by law or regulatory agency. (Clock Hours/50, CEUs 5)
Mar 3-Oct 20, TUE, 6-9 pm

MSSG 1009 Health and Hygiene
The study of safety and sanitation practices. The course covers the importance of proper body mechanics, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, maintaining the massage environment and the advantage of therapeutic relationships. (9 meetings) (Clock Hours/25, CEUs 2.5)
Mar 5-Jul 2, THU, 6-9 pm

MSSG 1011 Massage Fundamentals I  
This course is an introduction to the theory and the application of skills necessary to perform Swedish massage. (Clock Hours/125, CEUs 12.5)
Mar 9-Sep 28,* M/T/W, 6-9 pm
*No class May 25

MSSG 2013 Kinesiology for Massage
Covers applied study of human kinesiology. Muscle movements and dysfunctions are discussed and palpated to include theory and practice of functional muscle testing. (Clock Hours/55, CEUs 5.5)
Mar 12-Nov 12, THU, 6-9 pm

MSSG 1005 Hydrotherapy/Therapeutic Modalities
Learn about the use of accepted hydrotherapy and holistic healthcare modalities of external application of temperature for its reflexive effect. (7 meetings) (Clock Hours/20, CEUs 2)
Jul 16-Oct 8, THU, 6-9 pm

MSSG 2011 Massage Fundamentals II
A continuation of Massage Therapy Fundamentals I, the course emphasizes specialized techniques and assessment of client needs to identify a specific plan of care. (Clock Hours/100, CEUs 10)
Sep 29-Feb 22,* M-TH, 6-9 pm
*No class Nov 11, Nov 25, Dec 21-Jan 1, Jan 18, Feb 15

MSSG 2014 Pathology for Massage
This is a general discussion of pathologies as they relate to massage therapy including universal precautions and their management in professional practice. It also covers etiology, signs, symptoms and physiological reactions to disease and injury. (15 meetings) (Clock Hours/45, CEUs 4.5)
Oct 5-Jan 25,* M/W, 6-9 pm
*No class Dec 21-Jan 1

MSSG 1091 Healthcare Communication
This course focuses on communicating client healthcare concerns/reports to physicians. (Clock Hours/45, CEUs 4.5)
Oct 22-Feb 9,* T/TH, 6-9 pm
*No class Dec 21-Jan 1

MSSG 2086 Internship (50 hours)
Internship massages are performed in the school environment under the supervision of a licensed massage therapy Instructor. Students run the internship like they would run a business. The school invites the public to participate as recipients of massages by the interns. (Clock Hours/50, CEUs 5)
Mar 1-Mar 31,* M-F, 6-9 pm
                            SAT 9 am-6 pm
*No class Mar 14-18