Credit Transfer To Central Texas College

Transfer of credit from accredited colleges and universities may be accepted when the grade earned was “C” or higher, courses are lower division (unless approved SOC transfer guarantees), and the course applies to the student’s CTC program of study. Passing grades lower than “C” may be considered for transfer in accordance with departmental requirements and current evaluation procedures. Grades lower than a C grade will not be accepted in transfer toward major degree requirements. Official transcripts from each college or university previously attended are required. Transfer credits are evaluated based on the principles outlined in the Joint Statement on the Transfer and Award of Credit.

Due to the rapid changes occurring in the vocational/technical fields, courses taken in a major field of study or vocational/technical courses directly related to that major field may not be accepted in transfer if courses were completed over five years before entering the CTC program of study. This also applies to returning students when vocational/technical courses applicable to your CTC program of study were taken at Central Texas College.

To Other Colleges and Universities

Central Texas College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate degrees and certificates of completion. Credits earned at CTC are transferable to other institutions in accordance with policies of the receiving institutions. Students who enroll in courses for transfer to another college or university should consult with their advisor at the receiving school to ensure coursework will be accepted in their program of study. Although CTC advisors can assist with general academic advisement, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure courses will meet degree requirements at their college or university.

As a general rule, senior colleges and universities will accept a maximum of 66 hours of academic (not workforce education) lower-division coursework in transfer toward a bachelor’s degree.

Resolution of Transfer Dispute for Lower-Division Academic Courses

Generally, lower-division academic courses are transferable among Texas public colleges and universities, providing that the course(s) are within the approved transfer curriculum of the declared major field. Texas public institutions are required to notify students if approved coursework earned at another institution will not be accepted in transfer. CTC follows the guidelines established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for resolution of transfer disputes as prescribed by Texas Education Code Section 1.078 (Chapter 5, Subchapter S, Rule 5.393).

If an academic course is not accepted in transfer by another Texas public college or university, a student can request that CTC submit a Transfer Dispute Form to the receiving institution. Forms are available through the Office of the Dean of Student Services. The student must complete the form within 14 days from the date that he or she was notified by the receiving institution that the course(s) would not transfer. If CTC cannot determine the appropriate reason for the course not transferring, the form will be forwarded to the receiving institution. If the transfer dispute is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student or CTC within 45 days after the date the student received the notice of denial, the dispute may be sent to the Commissioner of Higher Education for resolution and/or investigation.

Both the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees have been developed to accommodate transfer to senior colleges. All of the required curricular courses are equivalent to courses found in the current edition of the Lower-Division Academic Course Guide Manual.