Central Texas College

Student Records

Student Records

The Systems Registrar is the custodian of all student records except those specifically relating to financial aid. “Student Records” as defined by CTC is any information collected, assembled, or maintained by the college, and includes documents, writings, letters, memoranda, computer tapes, and other materials written or otherwise that directly or indirectly contain the identity of the student. Student records are confidential. Any student, regardless of age, has access to his or her records and is entitled to receive copies at a designated duplication rate. Students do not have access to the parent’s confidential financial statement. Student records include:

•       Applications for admission

•       Financial aid

•       Veterans’ training

•       Scores on standardized tests

•       Scores on standardized achievement tests

•       Specialized testing results

•       Transcripts of grades

•       Family background information


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as Amended (FERPA)

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 1974, as amended, information classified as “directory information” may be disclosed to the general public without prior written consent from a student unless the Central Texas College Records Office is notified in writing by the student before the 12th class day of the fall and spring semesters, the 6th class day of eight-week terms and the 4th class day of summer semesters. Your request may be accepted after these deadlines, but CTC will not be responsible for the release of Directory Information prior to receiving the request to withhold directory. This statement of nondisclosure will remain on your records unless you cancel your request to withhold directory information. You may request on an item-by-item basis (such as a transcript release for employment purposes) the release of directory or non-directory information.


Directory Information

Student’s name

Local address

Home address

Electronic mail addresses

Phone numbers

Date and place of birth

Major field of study

Dates of enrollment

Degrees, awards and honors received

Most recent previous educational agency or institution attended


Classification (freshman, sophomore or unclassified)

Participation in officially recognized activities and sports

Date of graduation


Access to any other records by persons other than the student will be limited to those persons specified in the statute. Records will be maintained of persons granted such access.


Students may inspect and review their educational records upon request to the appropriate record custodian. For more information, contact the Central Texas College Systems Registrar at the Central Campus in Killeen, Texas.