Enrolling for courses at CTC constitutes a financial obligation to CTC.  To avoid any financial obligation, students must officially withdraw from CTC prior to the first class day for any semester.


The student’s balance must be paid in FULL at the time of registration for any term, using either financial aid, third-party sponsor billing arrangement, or paying out-of-pocket.  Please understand that:

  • Changes in class schedule may affect tuition and fee charges.
  • Students must pay the FULL amount due for schedule changes that increase charges on or prior to the final day of registration.
  • Failure to pay in full at the time of registration will result in withdrawal/deregistration from all classes for the term.

If the student resides in Texas and takes certain Texas-based courses, he/she may be eligible to pay the balance on an Installment Payment Plan Agreement that may be offered.  If this option is chosen, understand that:

  • The student must enroll in the Payment Plan Agreement and that the entire minimum required down payment and fee must be made on or before the time of enrollment in the plan.
  • Terms and conditions of Payment Plan arrangements are detailed in the separate payment plan agreement.
  • Installment amounts may change with subsequent activity, such as any new charges due to added or dropped classes.
  • If the student increases credit hours after enrolling in the payment plan, he/she must pay the minimum amount due for the added cost.

Sponsored (Third Party) Billing

For sponsored students:

  • The student is responsible for submitting to the Business Office any third party letter, TA form, or payment agreement at the time of registration.
  • CTC will apply advance credit to the student account based upon the terms of the letter/agreement/TA form.
  • CTC will bill the third party after the refund period of the term or in accordance with the terms of the sponsor agreement.
  • The student is responsible for any portion of charges that is not paid by the third party.

Additional Acknowledgements

  • Collection Fees:  CTC reserves the right to employ the services of external collection agencies.  Where allowed and/or applicable, the student will be responsible for paying the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage, with a maximum of 33% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees we incur in such collection efforts after internal collection effort have failed to result in the full payment of my account.  Student accounts may be sent to an outside collection agency and may be reported to one or more credit bureau reporting service(s).
  • Choice of law/Venue selection:  This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with and pursuant to the laws of the state of Texas including, but not limited to Texas Education Code 51.967, Limitation on Educational Debt.
  • Credit Bureau Reporting (Fair Credit Reporting Act) – CTC reserves the right to report both positive and negative payment histories to credit reporting agencies.