Central Texas College (CTC) will award CDEC 1413, Curriculum Resources for Early Childhood Programs, for  students who have a CDA or have completed DOD modules in the childcare field and have followed the procedures listed below.  This award is effective Fall 2018.

What procedure do I follow to have my work experience evaluated?

Credit will be awarded based on CTC institutional guidelines at the time of the evaluation. Active duty military soldiers are eligible for evaluation without CTC courses being completed.  All other students are eligible to request an evaluation upon successful completion of six semester hours of CTC courses with "C" or better grades.  Official transcripts from any and all regionally accredited, previously attended colleges and universities must be sent directly to CTC for all students.  We encourage students to have their official transcripts sent upon becoming a CTC student.  Copies, Xeroxes or Faxes of transcripts are not acceptable. This is not a requirement that can be eliminated or modified.  A CTC Evaluation Request form must also be submitted with the documents.

What documents must be submitted for evaluation of credit?

• Department of Defense (DOD) modules completed in the United States (U.S.) military child care centers. All modules must be completed to receive credit.

• Child Development Associate (CDA) credential issued by the Council for Professional Recognition. The CDA credential must be valid at the time of credit award.

 Certificates and/or Modules submitted must be originally signed as certified true copies.   Emailed or faxed copies of the certificate cannot be accepted.

What form do I need to complete?

Complete the Evaluation Request form located in your Etrieve account or by utilizing this link.  Evaluation Request Form

Where can I mail my evaluation request form and documentation?

Central Texas College
ATTN: Military Support Services  (Bldg119, Rm 222)
P.O. Box 1800
Killeen, TX 76540-1800

How long does this process take?

After receipt of your documents, as listed above, your package is screened for completeness and sent to the appropriate department chair(s) for review.  This process can take 2-4 weeks.

What will I receive when my civilian evaluation is finished?

If credit is awarded, you will receive an electronic degree plan, which can be viewed through your Student Planning account. Awarded credit will have already been posted to your transcript. If there was no recommendation for award, you will receive a letter indicating the reason(s) why credit was not awarded.