How do I get started?

Active Duty Military:  Active Duty Military are not required to have classes with CTC for an evaluation, but must be a CTC student with all official documents on file.  Contact Military Support Services for additional information. or 1-800-792-3348 X1317

Retired and Civilian Students:  To receive an evaluation, you must have earned at least six semester hours with Central Texas College (CTC) with a 2.0 GPA. This can be achieved by taking conventional classes at any CTC site or through our Distance Education program

I have my six semester hours. What do I do now?

All official transcripts from all regionally-accredited colleges and universities you have attended must be on file with CTC before your evaluation process can begin. CTC must receive these transcripts directly from the issuing institution. This includes JST transcripts. This requirement cannot be eliminated or modified. An evaluation request must accompany all paperwork sent to CTC.

You must submit the following documentation to our main campus or to your local CTC site. Documents required are based on the branch of service and rating or MOS level you hold. These documents cannot be faxed or scanned. Please refer to the evaluated credit page to determine which documents military personnel must submit in order to get an official military evaluation.

To maximize the amount of evaluated credit that can be awarded, it is recommended you apply for the Associate in General Studies degree plan. If an official CTC transcript is desired at the completion of your evaluation, please be sure to include that form. Your initial transcript from CTC is free. In most instances, your promotion board will only accept an official transcript to award points.

What will I receive when my evaluation is finished?

Upon completion, you will receive a Student Agreement or Degree Plan. These documents lists all degree requirements including CTC resident and transfer credits from other schools, evaluated credit awarded for service schools attended and MOS's held, credit awarded for tests taken and/or civilian work experience. The plan also includes a column indicating the classes still required to graduate. The final column lists the basis for award of specific credit. All schools reviewed for acceptance of transfer credit are listed at the bottom of your Agreement or Plan. The name of the school is listed along with the last year attended, the number of credits listed on that transcript and the number of credits accepted in transfer. Each column total is listed across the bottom of the agreement.

Your agreement will indicate the evaluated credit used toward your program of study.

If you requested a transcript with your evaluation request, it will be sent under separate cover from our Transcripts department.

How much credit can I expect to receive?

Credit awards for military experiences are based upon American Council on Education (ACE) Guide recommendations and credits will be awarded only when they apply to your degree(s).

I have never been in the military. Can I get credit for previous work experience?

Yes, you may be eligible for evaluated credit based on previous work experience. Evaluated credit may be awarded only after you have successfully completed six semester hours with a 2.0 GPA. Official transcripts from any and all previously attended colleges and universities must be sent directly to CTC.  We encourage students to have their official transcripts sent during their initial six semester hours of coursework. Students copies of transcripts not acceptable. This requirement cannot be eliminated or modified.

  • Please refer to the Civilian Work Experience credit page to determine the documents you must submit in order to get an official evaluation.
  • Please refer to the Child Development CDA Certificates and Modules credit page to determine the documents you must submit in order to get an official evaluation.
  • Please refer to the Police Academy credit page to determine the documents you must submit in order to get an official evaluation.

What kind of civilian credit can I expect to receive?

Degree-specific technical credit (i.e., CDEC, POFI, BMGT, POFT or CJSA classes) can be awarded based on your documentation and the decision of the department chairperson. A maximum of awarded credit is determined by the department chairperson. Academic classes such as math, science or English cannot be awarded based upon civilian work experience.

What will I receive when my civilian evaluation is finished?

If credit was awarded, you will receive an updated degree plan. Awarded credit will have already been posted to your transcript. If there was no recommendation for award, you will receive a letter indicating the reason(s) why credit was not awarded.

How long does this process take?

After receipt of your documents, as listed above, your package is screened for completeness and sent to the appropriate department chairperson(s) for review. We monitor all packets to have them returned from the departments as soon as possible, usually within two weeks.

I need my information immediately.  Can I speed up this process?

Your evaluation request can be sent via Federal Express with a postage paid, self-addressed return Federal Express envelope included. Upon receipt of all official documents in the Military Support Services Office, your evaluation will be completed within three business days.

NOTE: Evaluation requests forwarded to the department chairperson for review may take longer than three business days to process.