Course Audit


Effective Fall 2017, CTC will allow students to audit a class. Auditing a course allows students to regularly attend a class without taking exams or completing course assignments. Students will not receive college credit for an audited course, and the course will not appear on your transcript.

  • Individuals interested in auditing a class must complete the online CTC Application for Admissions, if not a current student, and receive permission from the course instructor.
  • Auditing is on a space-available basis and not all courses, such as internships, are available to audit.
  • Registration is available only during late registration.
  • Courses cannot be converted from audit to credit or credit to audit, and transcripts are not issued.
  • Audited courses do not apply to a degree and are not eligible for financial aid and veteran’s benefits.
  • Students are not subject to class attendance and are excused from class on days/times of exams.  Instructors will not accept papers, tests, or exams from auditing students.

Tuition/Fees and the refund policy are the same for audited courses as for credit courses. Payment is due at the time of enrollment. If you are using Military Tuition Assistance (TA), MyCAA, or other third party sponsorship, please contact the appropriate sponsor to determine if payment will be approved for an audited course.

Course Audit Registration

Course Audit Request Instructions

Once you have selected your course, please submit the Course Audit Request eForm

When you have completed the form, choose the destination of the form by selecting the site you plan on auditing the course and click send.

Once the form is received, the instructor will be notified of the request for approval. Approval/Denial of the request will be communicated to the student by the department that processes the forms.

For additional information, please contact your site representative. Texas students please contact Central Records & Registration at 254-526-1131.