When requesting an Enrollment Verification be sure to input the correct semester you need verified:

Spring Semester:         January 1st through April 30th

Summer I Semester:   May 1st through June 30th

Summer II Semester: July 1st through July 31st

Fall Semester:             August 1st through December 31st


  • Submit your Request for Enrollment Verification through eForms.

Request for Enrollment Verification Instructions

  • An Enrollment Verification Letter can be requested to verify enrollment at Central Texas College. You must be/must have been registered for the semester you are requesting to be verified.
  • Enrollment letters can only be processed after the census date(s) of all registered classes for the semester. Please contact the Records & Registration Department at (254) 526-1133 or 1131. Our department is located in Building 119, Room 102A for more information.
  • The "Last day to Drop" posted in the schedule bulletin is the census date of the class, enrollment letter requests can be processed starting the day after the "Last day to Drop".
  • Please allow 48 hours for all requests, during registration please allow 72 hours.
  • A normal load is 12 to 18 hours per long semester.  The academic load statuses below are based on all courses sharing the same semester class start dates.  The statuses below do not apply when a student enrolls in courses with multiple start dates throughout a semester, as well as different course lengths (number of weeks).
    • Full Time
      • 12 or more semester credit hours during the 16-week fall or spring semester
      • 8 or more semester credit hours during the 10-week summer session
      • 6 semester credit hours per 8-week term
      • 4 or more semester credit hours per 5 1/2-weeks summer semester
    • Part Time
      • 6 to 8 credit hours during the 16-week fall or spring semester
      • 3 to 4 semester credit hours per 8-week term

NOTE: Students attending college with financial aid or veteran benefits assistance may be required to meet academic course load standards other than those noted above.  Contact the CTC Office of Student Financial Assistance or the CTC Veteran Services Office before registering for courses.