Central Texas College

Checklist to Get Started

For a printer-friendly simpler version of this checklist, please click here.

 Incomplete applications (to include any missing paperwork, forms, and residency documents) will not be accepted.

Step One: Meet with your high school counselor

  • Determine if you qualify to take college courses. Review your 11th grade TAKS scores, STAAR EOC scores, SAT, or ACT,  and compare them to the qualifying scores found in the Dual Credit Handbook. If you have not taken any of the listed tests or do not qualify based on scores, you must take a placement test. If testing is not available at your school, walk-in testing is available at CTC. Accuplacer/Asset/ THEA/TASP/Compass scores may be used for students who were registered for a CTC course prior to 26 Aug 2013.
  • Determine which courses you would like to take that count toward a college degree plan.
  • Fill out any ISD required forms and submit them to the counselor, if applicable.
  • Fill out the forms below in steps 2-6.

Step Two: Complete CTC Application for Admission

  • Fill out completely to ensure there are no blanks and it is signed and dated.  Please use blue or black ink.
  • If you are a military dependent, please be sure to provide the required residency documents:
    • For active duty: student's military ID verification form (filled out by the CTC representative), copies of sponsor's current and 12 month old LES, PCS orders to TX.
    • For prior service (discharge date within the past year):  copies of DD214M4, last active duty LES, most current W2 forms, information on your sponsor's VA educational benefits.
  • Please provide 1.5 years of addresses.  If you have lived in Texas less than 1.5 years, please provide a TX ID/DL issued 12 months ago or a 12 month old TX lease.
  • The student must sign this document, not the parent.
  • Please click on the link to download, print, and complete the application.

Step Three: Complete Dual Credit/Early Admissions Approval/Advising Plan

  • Utilize this form to ensure you have met all requirements for the dual credit courses you wish to take.  
  • Fill out completely including high school class, college course request, and signatures from the student, a parent, and a school official (i.e. principal, counselor, registrar).  Please use blue or black ink.
  • If you are requesting to take more than 2 courses and no more than 5 courses, please make sure you meet the qualifying criteria. This can be found on the form.

Step Four: Request and attach a copy of your high school transcripts to include all test scores (TAKS, ACT, SAT, STAAR, TSI).

Step Five: Complete the Class Registration Form

  • Please leave your Student ID blank.  This will be your CTC Student ID.
  • Please do not write below the Student Schedule portion.  This portion is for Office Use Only.
  • The student must sign this document, not the parent.  Please use blue or black ink.

Step Six: Complete the Dual Credit Release of Information Form

  • Please leave your Student ID blank.  This will be your CTC Student ID.
  • The student and the parent must sign this document.  Please use blue or black ink.
  • Please spell out your school district.

Step Seven: Turn in forms to your school counselor (if taking classes at your high school) or your CTC representative

  • If you are requesting to take college courses for dual credit on your high school campus, please leave all forms with your counselor.
  • If you will be taking college courses for dual credit on your own time and not through your ISD, please make an appointment with Tonia Griffin, Admission Counselor/Recruiter, at 254-526-1409.