Fast Track allows CTC to come to the high school campus and walk each student individually through the enrollment process.

Central Texas College staff will schedule the following sessions for students at each high school:

January - March

Initial information session and application session

March  – May

FAFSA assistance, testing, student support services and academic advisement (on-site)

April – May

Campus tour


Letter of acceptance to CTC presented at high school graduation


Transcripts will be forwarded directly to CTC by your high school

Bootcamp (if you need developmental courses)


Saturday Start/Campus Preview Day**

Click here for your school's Fast Track schedule. Is your school not currently participating? Call 254-526-1409 to get on the FAST TRACK!

Student Advantages of Participation

High school seniors benefit from Fast Track regardless of what college they plan to attend:

*Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

Although CTC is an open-admission community college, the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) program uses assessment, advising and remediation to ensure students have the necessary skills to be successful in freshman academic coursework. TSI requires student assessments in reading, writing and math skills prior to enrolling in college unless the student is TSI-exempt or TSI-waived. The state-approved TSI tests are ACT, SAT, STAAR, TAKS and the TSI Assessment. For more information on how you may be exempt or waived, please click here.

**What is the Saturday Start/Campus Preview Day?

Meet your future classmates and tour the campus. Get information on CTC student life and clubs and get answers to all of your questions so you can be ready to start your college life. You will also have a chance to compete for prizes in fun-filled activities.