Central Texas College

High School Completion & GED Programs

CTC offers two options for those seeking to complete a high school degree or pass the high school equivalency exam (GED).


CTC Online High School

CTC's fully accredited online high school offers students a choice of two excellent high school graduation programs. The Recommended Program consists of 26 credits and includes college-prep coursework. The Minimum Program consists of 22 credits and includes all essential high school coursework. We welcome inquiries from students or parents about which program best serves their needs.

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Adult Education

The Adult Education department also offers transition services. We have an advisor on staff to help you make your next steps, whatever they may be. At any time during your participation in the adult education program, you can take advantage of this free service by making an appointment with the transition coordinator to discuss your future plans. The coordinator also teaches free workshops on goal setting, transitioning to college and transitioning to the workforce.

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