Enroll with CTC to complete the general education requirements for a CCAF AAS degree and work on a CTC General Studies degree at the same time!

CTC also has Articulation Agreements with many bachelor-degree-granting colleges and universities.

CTC’s Associate of Arts in General Studies requires 60 semester hours, which includes 25 semester hours in general education courses and 35 semester hours in free electives. 15 semester hours in CTC residency is required and remaining hours may be earned through a combination of CCAF and CLEP, DANTES, and Excelsior examinations.

How it works:

  • Apply the 15 semester hours in general education courses required for the CCAF degree toward the 25 semester hours in general education required for CTC’s General Studies degree.
  • Apply 4 semester hours in physical education required for the CCAF degree to CTC’s 1 semester hour physical education requirement and the remaining 3 semester hours may be applied toward the CTC free electives.
  • Apply a combination of technical education (AFSC) courses; leadership, management, and military studies courses; and program electives required for the CCAF degree to the remaining 32 semester hours in free electives required for CTC’s degree.
  • Take a CTC Computer Skills/Technology course, transfer in an appropriate CCAF course, or take a CLEP/DANTES computer science exam.

CTC class schedules are available online and are offered in varying term lengths - 8, 10, 12, and 16 week formats.  Most courses are offered in 8 or 16 week terms.  Those courses that are considered more challenging and/or demanding are offered in 10 or 12 week terms rather than 8 week terms.  For academic advising and enrollment assistance, students located outside the college district and not near a CTC site office should contact the Student Services Advisors

Tuition costs are established by campus and approved by the Central Texas College District (CTCD) Board of Trustees.  Tuition and fees are explained in the CTC catalog.  For tuition information for CTC sites outside of Texas, contact your local CTC office or the Student Services AdvisorsTuition and fees are subject to change without notice as necessitated by College, contract, or legislative action.