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Army Students

With nearly 50 years experience working with military personnel, we understand your unique needs and challenges and make it possible for you to finish your degree, regardless of your location. We guarantee maximum credit for military education and training and will help you achieve residency through distance education courses.

Whether you want to earn points toward promotion or to transfer credits toward a bachelor's degree, our site representatives and Eagles On Call center staff will work with you to build the degree plan that's right for you. Depending on your rank and MOS, you may be eligible for up to 49 credit hours toward a degree.

How to Enroll

The following steps are provided to assist you with creating your GoArmyEd account and initiating the admissions and registration process.  If you opt not to utilize the GoArmyEd portal (tuition assistance), click here.

CTC EagleMail

All CTC credit students worldwide receive a CTC student email account, EagleMail, following their initial class registration.  All official communication from CTC will be sent to the EagleMail account.  However, responses to GoArmyEd helpdesk cases and communication initiated via the GoArmyEd portal will continue to be sent to the email address you have identified as preferred on the portal.  We recommend that you update your GoArmyEd account to reflect your new EagleMail account as your preferred or forward your EagleMail to your preferred account.

Army Degree Maps

Explore Army-specific degree maps to plan your path to a degree.

GoArmyEd Portal

Login to the GoArmyEd Portal to get started!

GoArmyEd Class Lookup

These GoArmyEd Class Number search options will allow you to register faster for CTC distance education and classroom courses on the GoArmyEd portal.

Books/Instructional Materials

Do you know what instructional materials/books you need?  Identify and submit your order here.

Joint Services Transcript (JST)

Request your official Joint Services Transcript (JST)

Test Services

Need guidance with selecting and submitting an approval request for a test proctor?


Is your class or a portion of your class self-funded?  Use WebAdvisor to render payment online using your credit card.  For information about WebAdvisor click here.

Contact Us

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College Credit for Heroes

Get an online estimate of evaluated credit based on your military occupation and the service schools attended.