The most common class enrollment error is selection of the wrong section. To avoid this type of rejection:

  • Ensure that your current physical location matches your address recorded on your common application. If it does not, correct your application. TA is only authorized for courses required for the completion of a Soldier's approved educational degree plan (degree or certificate). Soldiers who enroll in courses that are not part of their certificate/degree plan will be required to reimburse the TA-funded portion of tuition for the unauthorized course(s). Soldiers may not use TA for repeated courses, unless the Soldier has previously reimbursed the Army for the course.
  • When enrolling in online classes, ensure that the section selected corresponds to the tuition rate applicable to your physical location.  The leading alpha character of the class section (e.g. 'D' in HIST-1301-D001), determines the type of section.  See the descriptions below:

'D' - CENTCOM locations include Afghanistan, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, and UAR.

'U' – All USAREUR locations.

'T' – Locations in the state of Texas (includes bona fide Texas residents assigned to other locations). For residency information, see College Costs in the current CTC catalog.

'N' – Nonresidents, to include third repeaters (please see the Academic Policies in the current CTC catalog).

If you are not certain of the correct section in which to enroll, check the class schedule, contact your local CTC site representative, or contact a CTC GoArmyEd Counselor.