The Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE) integrates all components of Voluntary Education by providing an opportunity for educational advancement while on sea duty. NCPACE gives sailors the opportunity to take challenging college courses, tuition free. The sailor is responsible for textbooks and other required course materials.

CTC offers 55+ stand-alone multimedia courses which do not require internet connectivity during any part of the course.  These 12 week courses are self-paced with no proctor required.  Terms start every Monday.  For your convenience, you choose which week works best for you!  For instructions and access to assistance getting registered, click NCPACE-DL How to Enroll.

Eligible Service members wanting to use an NCPACE Funding Voucher to cover tuition can only be enrolled after the voucher has been approved by the individual’s command and Navy College.  To apply for an NCPACE Funding Voucher visit the Navy College My Education Portal.

Navy College Program Overview of NCPACE

Additional information about NCPACE is available through Navy College or contact Central Texas College at:

Sabrina Girard, Director, Navy Campus, at (254) 526-1356. 

Betsy Good, NCPACE Distance Learning Manager.

Toll-Free Numbers

  • 1-800-792-3348 ext 1356 (Outside Texas)
  • 1-800-223-4760 ext 1356 (Within Texas)

Outside U.S. Toll-Free Numbers

  • From Europe 0800-181-9354
  • From Korea 00798-1-1-009-3073
  • From Japan 00531-11-2670