Where to Start?




  • Did you score a 1-4 on the diagnostic portion of the Math TSI Assessment? Check out  NCBOs and coreqs Coreqs
  • Did you score a 5 on the diagnostic portion of the Math TSI Assessment?  Check out coreqs Coreqs
  • Are you planning to apply to the Nursing Program?
    • Pre-Nursing Degree Plan?  Check out  NCBOs and then retake the Math TSI Assessment.
    • General Studies Degree Plan? Check out MATH 1342/DSMA0394 Statistics Coreq in coreqs Coreqs
  • Are you in a program where you only need to be TSI Complete (EMT)?  Check out  NCBOs and retake the Math TSI Assessment.
  • Are you a STEM major?
    • Complete MATH 1314/ DSMA 0493 College Algebra Coreq and DSMA0190 Bridge STEM NCBO (prereqs for MATH 2412 PreCalculus). coreqs Coreqs
    • Complete MATH1414/DSMA0293 STEM College Algebra Coreq if you are confident in your mathematics ability.

DSMA courses may not be used to meet the 25 percent residency toward the degree.  Although grades in the DSMA courses are not counted in the student's CTC grade point average for academic purposes, the courses and grades are included in the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.