The CTC Department of Health Sciences program offers an Associate Degree Nurse (ADN) program, a Vocational Nurse (LVN) certificate and a nursing option for Articulating students (LVN/Paramedic) program. Each program offers students the unique opportunities as a licensed healthcare professional to work in a variety of settings globally.

Degrees & Certificates Delivery Mode
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Associate Degree Nurse  ADN (AAS)
60 credits, five semesters full time plus pre-requisite courses
 Central Campus Day 
Nursing Option for Articulating Student (AAS)
60 credits, five semesters full time plus pre-requisite courses
 Central Campus Day 
Nursing - Prospective ADN Student  (CC)
27 credits, 2 semesters full-time
 Central Campus Day
Nursing - Prospective Articulating Student (CC)
29 credits, 2 semesters full-time plus other requirements
 Central Campus Day
Vocational Nursing (Fall) (CC)
42 credit hours, three semesters full time
 Central Campus Day 
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