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A blacksmith is a tradesman who fabricates objects out of iron by hot and cold forging on an anvil. Students will be trained in metallurgy on selecting tools, basic tool making and forging, building simple projects, designs, techniques and history. Students will be instructed on safety guidelines including proper handling and use of all equipment - both electric and LPG gas. Students will also learn team concepts and working with other smiths. Both oxy-acetyleen and forge welding will be learned. Our Blacksmithing program will allow students to build several of their own tools for course operation as well as learn the art of forge welding. The program is 120 contact hours. Classes must be taken as a cohort in the order in which they are offered. (30 meetings) (12 CEUs) 

WLDG 1005 Art Metals (Introductory Blacksmithing)
Learn the fundamentals of producing utilitarian and ornamental items in various metals. Develop skills through the techniques used in fabrication with sheet and/or stock materials including various welding and cutting processes. You will demonstrate basic shop safety, describe basic metallurgical compositions of sheet and/or stock materials and apply introductory fabrication techniques for production of functional or ornamental metal work.

WLDG 1008 Metal Sculpture (Intermediate Blacksmithing)
Learn techniques and methods of oxy-fuel and electric welding and cutting to produce ornamental and functional items. Develop skills in material forming, welding, brazing and finishing techniques. Course includes work ethics, artistic styles and professionalism. Demonstrate basic fabrication techniques and safety practices, cold and hot metal forming methods and various welding joining and cutting processes.

These are non-credit, short-term training programs through CTC Continuing Education.

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Careers, Potential Earnings & Market Growth Rates

Welders, cutters, solderers and brazers

2018 median pay: $41,380 per year; $19.89 per hour

Job outlook, 2016-26: six percent (as fast as average)

Craft and fine artists

2018 median pay: $48,960 per year; $23.54 per hour

Job outlook, 2016-26: six percent (as fast as average)

Degrees and Certificates

Upon successful completion of course, graduates will receive a certificate of completion within two to three weeks after class ends.

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