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Computer users often have special requirements not met by standard software. For these unique uses, specialized software must be created by programmers who use a variety of computer languages to design specialized software and apps.

Careers, Potential Earnings & Market Growth Rates

Computer Programmer 

Potential Earnings:  $39.54 hourly (2017) $82,240 annually 

Market Growth Rate: -2%

Software Developer, Applications

Potential Earnings: $48.94 hourly (2017) $101,790 annually

Market Growth Rate: 15% or higher

Software Developer, Systems Software

Potential Earnings: $51.73 hourly (2017) $107,600 annually

Market Growth Rate: 10-14% 

Web Developer

Potential Earnings: $32.69 hourly (2017)  $67,990 annually

Market Growth Rate:  15% or higher

* Further study (bachelor's degree) required | ** Study beyond bachelor's degree required

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Degrees and Certificates

We offer a variety of certificates to provide quick employability with the option to continue toward an associate degree. 

Degrees & Certificates Delivery Mode
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Computer Science (AS)
60 credit hours, two years full time 
 Central Campus Day
Web Technologies (CC)
22 credit hours, two semesters full time  | 6 of 7 courses stack
 Central Campus Day

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