Homeland Security/Emergency Management


This program is designed for individuals interested in entering the field of emergency management planning and homeland security. A number of the courses are pre-approved equivalents to courses offered by the Texas Department of Emergency Management and the Federal Management Agency. Homeland security is a dynamic and diverse career field. Like security threats themselves, the work required to protect the nation is constantly changing. People who work in homeland security anticipate, prepare for, prevent and react to everything from pandemics to hurricanes to terrorism. These workers help to reduce our nation’s vulnerabilities and to minimize the damage from catastrophic events.


CTC Europe now offers two new certificate programs. The Homeland Security Certificate Program is a 18-credit-hour program which includes six three-credit courses. The Emergency Management Certificate Program is a 16-credit-hour program which includes four three-credit courses and one four-credit course. Contact your site coordinator to enroll today!

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