CTC Europe is proud to partner with MBS Direct to provide textbooks to our students in Europe with the CTC Europe Virtual Bookstore. The benefits to you include:

  • Course materials for all CTC Europe VoTech and Microsoft Certification classes
  • Online 24/7 ordering
  • Fast APO/FPO shipping
  • Flexible payment options
  • 100% return policy
  • Customer service though MSB Direct by phone or email

Visit the CTC Europe Virtual Bookstore now.

About MBS Direct

Why Buy from MBS Direct

Utilized by universities and colleges on military bases worldwide, MBS Direct offers competitively priced textbooks. They save you time and hassle through an ordering process that is available 24/7 and is customized to CTC Europe’s courses. At the end of your course, you can participate in MBS Direct’s Textbook Buyback program by going to CTC’s Europe’s Virtual Bookstore and clicking on Sell Books to get an automatic quote for each of your textbooks.

Payment Options to Meet Every Need

As your bookstore, they guarantee that your purchase through MBS Direct is secure and convenient. Payment options include:

  • Credit and Check Cards
  • Financial Aid (if available)
  • Money Order
  • Check


100% Return Policy

MBS Direct stands behind their textbooks and guarantees your satisfaction with a 100% return policy. If you need to return your books, you can do so within 14 days after the start of your class or from the date your order was placed, whichever is later. Return instructions are included with your shipment.


Shipping within 24 Hours

All in-stock items are shipped within 24 hours of your order.  Even though items are shipped quickly, delivery can take time, so plan to order early. Items can be delivered to your APO/FPO address or off-base residence.


Customer Service by Phone or Email

If you have a question or need assistance, MBS Direct Customer Service Representatives are easily accessible at [email protected] or by calling +1-573-441-9179.

Visit the CTC Europe Virtual Bookstore now.

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