Selecting your course

Army students: Go to and click the appropriate box for your search. Choose your current physical location and start date. (Note Kuwait and Egypt are considered part of USAREUR). Make note of the GoArmyEd number and section number for your chosen course. You will need this information within GoArmyEd to register.

All others: Go to for a list of courses by start date. For the most up to date information, go to Click "Guest / Prospective Students." Click "Search for Sections." Choose a term and select one or more subjects from the drop down box. Complete course number only if you know it. For location, choose TDLRN – distance learning. Leave all other fields blank. Click "submit." A list of sections of your course will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Non-Army TA students must register for sections beginning with TC or TD (example: TECA-1311-TC002 (24937) Educating Young Children). Course dates are in the center column. The fraction on the right tells you how many seats remain available in the course.

Enrollment Process

Army students: If you are using Tuition Assistance, you must enroll and register through For assistance with GoArmyEd, please email

Most other students: To begin the enrollment process, submit the application and registration forms located at Upon completion, return your forms to your local CTC office. If you do not have a local CTC office, you may fax your application to +49 (0)6371-4683-201, Attention: Online Mentors or email the documents to Academic courses and Texas residents: If you are registering for an academic course or wish to apply for instate tuition, please contact our U.S. online mentors at or +1-254-526-1296 during Texas business hours. You may also fax to +1-254-526-1481, Attention: Online Mentors.

For more information on the many additional educational services Central Texas College offers in Europe, visit our site coordinator at your Education Center!

Enrollment Limitations

Students living outside of the continental U.S. must register two weeks before the start of an online class. This allows students time to receive confirmation of registration and order books. Additionally, we recommend first-time online students only take one class. Although the material covered in online classes is equivalent to traditional classroom courses, more study time may be required.


For specific information on tuition, please email us at You must tell us where you are located, if you are active-duty military or if you consider yourself a Texas resident.


We require official transcripts from any other institution(s) you have attended. If you have earned less than 12 semester hours from an accredited institution, we will require a high school transcript, high school diploma or GED scores.

It is VERY important we receive your transcripts. If we do not receive them, you could potentially be placed on an academic hold. Without official transcripts and testing scores, you will not be allowed to register for some courses.

For additional information on transcripts and the transcript request form, you can go to Transcripts can be mailed to:

Central Texas College
Attn: Student Services
P.O. Box 1800
Killeen, TX 76540-1800

Financial Aid

More information about financial aid can be found on our Financial Aid page.


If you desire an evaluation of military or civilian work experience, please visit our Europe Evaluations page.

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