The Central Texas College (CTC) Foundation recently held a reception for its 2022-23 academic year scholarship winners. More than 270 scholarships equaling $605,000 were awarded to 260 students. Established in 1992, the CTC Foundation has grown to nearly 170 endowed scholarships and a $13.4 million endowment. In the past 10 years, the CTC Foundation has awarded nearly $3.5 million in scholarships. 

This year’s CTC Foundation scholarship winners were:

AAUW Lea Ledger Endowed Scholarship - Eneida Leal Flores

Agnes Haug Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship - Melody Adjanohoun

Agriculture Department Endowed Scholarship - Jackie Mousseau

Al Ornstein Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund - Briana Delgado and Ashley Harmon

Alfred and Jo Nell Werlinger Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Jenni Jordan

Amy and Henry Campbell Endowed Scholarship - Shanelle Johnson

Amy Bawcom Endowed Scholarship - Marisa Coulter

Bernice and Sis Beck Union State Bank Scholarship - Leon Thomas and Ty'ana Wynn-Taylor

Bernice M. Beck Memorial Banking and Accounting Endowed Scholarship - Samantha Cintron, Kristy Norman, Mindy Owen and Bryonna Salas

Betsy and Kyle Hilliard Endowed Scholarship - Kaitlynn Gengler, Lisa Halbach, Farida Misula and Allina Pool

Betty Smothers Broadhurst Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Noesha Kabua

Bio‐Sig‐ID Endowed Scholarship in Computer Science - Lluvicelly Litherland

Bluebonnet Chapter of the International Code Council Endowed Scholarship in Industrial Technology - Alvious Carter

Bob and Linda Farrell Endowed Scholarship in Business - Amber Martin

Bob Gilmore Senior Center Endowed Scholarship Layzanette Caceres Laboy

Brenda S. Coley Endowed Scholarship Sharonda Peyton

C. E. Fikes "CEFCO" Endowed Scholarship in Business - Binh Tran

Catherine Mason CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship In Early Childhood Professions - Karolina Gaines

Central Texas College Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship - Lyla Skiles

Central Texas College Bookstore Endowed Scholarship - Carlon Rivera

Central Texas College Police Department Endowed Scholarship - Austin Quarles

Central Texas College Retiree Association Endowed Scholarship - Yadira Alvarado and Rene Diaz‐Morena

Central Texas College Staff Scholarship Fund (Bowling) - Lawrence Briggs

Central Texas College Student Nurses Association Endowed Scholarship Fund - Natalja Sarla

Central Texas Rodders Association Endowed Scholarship - Omar Thioune

Chae Kwan Lim Ph. D. Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics - Phillip Kincaid

Charles F. Haug Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Kelsey Kidd

Charles Lepard "TIGER" Memorial Hospitality Endowed Scholarship - Claudett Shepherd

Christmas Affair's Committee Endowed Scholarship - Anthony Gonzalez

Christmas Affair's Committee Endowed Scholarship - Noesha Kabua and Hanwool Lee

Cleo and Mary Glennys Bay Endowment Fund - Abriam Moncure

Col. Thomas E. "Tiny" and Nora Wesson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund - Diannah Beckham

Colley Kane Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Alayna Irving

Computer Science Honor Society Endowed Scholarship - Aidan Murray

Congressman Chet and Lea Ann Edwards Endowed Scholarship for U.S. Military Members and Family - Christopher Lee

Cove Meadows Management Corporation Scholarship Fund - Brooklyn Crawley

CTC and TA&MUCT Endowed Scholarship - Juan Bryan, Madelyn Cordell and Mekaila Vila

CTC Faculty Senate Competency Based Skill Center Endowed Scholarship - Tiffanie Tara

CTC Faculty Senate Endowed Scholarship - Karen Hunn and Mary Ann Sagad

CTC Fine Arts Department Scholarship - Jovita Castro and Calvin Moultrie

CTC Foundation Endowed Humanities Scholarship - Kerisha Cooper‐Richards, Diamond Brown and Kaydian Budram Hamilton

CTC Foundation Endowed Law, Business and Office Service Scholarship - Jennifer Fisher, Julie Garza and Erica Rodriguez

CTC Foundation Endowed Media and Technology Scholarship - Shayonna Martinez, Yessalyn Rios and Troy Rose

CTC Foundation Endowed Science Scholarship - Steven Brown and Kimberly Robles

Cynthia E. Meinen Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Cecily Batalla

David Barnard Endowed Scholarship - Mckenzie Winkler

David Henry O'Neall Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Braeden Cooper and Ethan Weaver

Dennis and Kandace Eakin Endowed Scholarship - Valerie Babauta

Dr. Charles Patterson Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Neil Zander Gali

Dr. Edward L. Wagner Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics - Bianca Camacho

Dr. James R. and Lois A. Anderson Endowed Scholarship - Khristine Carhart, Loujebelle Coates and Carla Estrada

Dr. Luis M. Morton, Jr. Endowed Academic Scholarship - Lisa Colon Flores

Dr. Ray Stanley Laney and Dr. Billie Johnson Laney Endowed Scholarship - Nidia Berlanga, Brynna Brooks, Laura Lee and Lyla Skiles

Dr. W. A. Roach and Mrs. Joyce Roach Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Kelly Holtzman, Ngozi Offodile and Rachel Wright

Duk Nam Jin Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics - Phillip Kincaid

E. H. and Lorette Rhode Endowed Scholarship - Faith Hasman and Steve Koehler

Eagle Warrior Scholarship - Ellen Cave

Eloyse Perry Freeman Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Natalie Tichenor

Elwood H. Shemwell Endowed Scholarship for Military Dependents - Jade Garcia

Endowed Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship For Second Year Students - Caitlin Woods

Eugene Rorie, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Steve Koehler

Eugene Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Mayra Lemus and Madison Nichols

First National Bank Texas Accounting, Business and Management Endowed Scholarship Fund - Katie Rzad

Fort Hood Officers Spouses' Club Endowed Scholarship - Crea Margherio

Four Winds Intertribal Society Paula Brock Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Stacy Grayless

Four Winds Intertribal Society Warriors Endowed Scholarship - Samara Hoops

Frank Mayborn Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Samara Hoops, Kyla Leonard, Angela Medina, Hannah O'Connor, Troy Rose and Joem Toala

Frankie Baggett Endowed Fine Arts Scholarship - Krystal‐Ann Hatfield

Geekfest Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Endowed Scholarship - David Darrah and Dhalia Llerena

Genevieve K. Shemwell Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship - Danice Emery, Angelia Gorman and Courtney Morrill

Golden Deeds Awards Recipients Endowed Scholarship - Angel Hernandez‐Martinez, Kristina Macias and Shannon Miller

Good Time Action Games Tim and Donna Crosslin Scholarship - Kiki Kelley

Gordon E. Bacon and CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Professions - Karolina Gaines

Guinn and Darlene Fergus Memorial Endowment - Crystal Kniffen and Landon Smith

Heart O'Texas Federal Credit Union/Juanita C. Williams Endowed Scholarship - Wilford Bentley

Heating and Air Conditioning Endowed Scholarship - Marcus Franklin

Helen Bigham Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Christina Davis, Sharifa Hughes, Mary Kuykendall, Samantha Makosky, Stefani Ramirez and Hannah Wanjiru

Helga Shelton Endowed Scholarship Fund - Kelly Alexander

Henderson Garrett Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Kayleigh Jones

Horace Grace African-American Studies and Research Endowed Scholarship - Julie Garza and

Kelli Metzler‐Starnes

Hord‐Johnson Endowed Scholarship in Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Drafting/Design and Industrial Technology - Bianca Garcia

Iraqi Freedom Endowed Scholarship - Christina Buckalew, Rosa Cruz Garcia, Ippokratis Theodossiou and James Velez

J. Barry Siebenlist MD Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Faith Harry, Kayla Labrado and Mark White

J. Manning Family Endowed Scholarship - Brooke Heintzman

Jacob Lee Costa Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Christopher Phillips

James Davis Waters Memorial Scholarship - Sharonda Peyton

James Richard Rominger, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Sunny Baker, Jackie Blanchard, Adam Cantrell, Carrie Castle, Keyairra Clements, Carla Koppisch‐Dasilva, Preston Kuhn, Tristen McDonald, Cassandra Nedwell, Anifa Njoundam Gbetnkom, Adebisi Ogunyomi and Chazmin Williams

Jane and Sid Wieser Vocational/Technical Endowed Scholarship - Maria Altamirano, Reycel Alzate, Lenyrose Breytspraak, Robelin Fitzpatrick, Perla Jackson, Benjamin Landa, Rosalinda Rarangol and Terry Shaw

Jaqueline Nash King Endowed Scholarship - Derriel Woods

Jim and Nancy Yeonopolus Scholarship Fund - Bryan Hernandez Jaime

Jimmie Don and Marie Aycock Scholarship - William Daungauer and Madison Ybarra

John and Elizabeth Cheatham Endowed Scholarship in Office Technology - Marissa Kearse and Ginamarie Rodriguez

John Edward (J.E.) Alexander Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Karina Aspada‐Ortiz, Amee Gandara, Jonathan Lozano and Dianna Walden

John Moffitt Memorial Scholarship - Sylvia Therkildsen

Johnny Carino Hospitality Scholarship - Tamela Phillips

Jose Aponte Endowed Scholarship for Students with Disabilities - Prisma Lucio

Joyce Wright Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Real Estate - Olivia Alexander, Sylvia Cabriales, Danatta Govan Walston, India Langley, Saharrah Leverett and Heather Ramirez

Killeen Evening Lions Club Endowed Scholarship - Cheyanne Culp

Killeen Wal‐Mart Center Endowed Scholarship - Daniel Avilez

Kinesiology Endowed Scholarship - Winfred Davis

Lewis C. and Margie E. Shine Family Business Administration Scholarship - Noelia Miranda

Local Heroes Endowed Scholarship - Desteny Pegues

Lola E. Hayden Four Winds Intertribal Society Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Jose Galicia

Lott Vernon and Co., P.C. Endowed Scholarship - Bryonna Salas and Christina Vaillancourt

Lovett L. Ledger Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Courtney Gibbs

Major Andrea A. Nielson, USAF (Retired) Scholarship Endowment for Women - Karina Dominguez

Major Susan and LTC Lal Ramnarine‐Singh Nursing Endowed Scholarship - Susan Howald

Marcia Nell Armstrong Memorial Scholarship - Beatrice Dingle

Marvin and Dorthy Mickan Endowed Scholarship - Zachary Upton

Metroplex Health System Henderson Garrett Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Gabriella Gonzales, Jasmine Ibarra and Mark White

Murl and Reba Hennigan Endowed Scholarship - April Smith

National Bank Gatesville, Texas Endowed Scholarship - Angeles Rodriguez

Net Impact Endowed Scholarship - Diamond Brown

O'Connell, Robertson and Associates Endowed Scholarship - Lindsey Carter

Office Technology Endowed Scholarship - Toi Garrett

Oveta Culp Hobby Memorial Library Scholarship - Lisa Colon Flores

Paul and Angie Stringfellow Endowed Scholarship in Business and Finance - Kristina Macias

Phyllis Allen Barron Nursing Scholarship Endowment - Stephanie Swearingen

R.K. Bass Electric III, L.P. Endowed Scholarship - Eduardo Buendia

Rena Pearce Coston Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Kelsey Grimmett and Farida Misula

Risk Management Wellness Committee Scholarship - Brittanie Reeder

Robert and Noreen Williams Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Haley Grantland

Robert Liberty Family Endowed Scholarship - Laura Lee

Roy J. Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Cynthya Marie Dennison

Roy Jason Crawford Endowed Memorial Scholarship - Lillian Huston

Roy Reynolds Endowed Scholarship - Isabel Cuevas Hernandez, Devon Legare, Teresa Pack,

Kim Rowan and Mickey Young

Ruby Brown Delta Omega Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Samantha Bascom

Rudolph and Kathryn Schnitz Memorial Scholarship - Haley Grantland

Sallie Mae Education Trust Endowed Scholarship - Carlon Rivera

Sara and Lisa Volle Endowed Scholarship - McKenzie Cunningham

Semper Fidelis Endowed Scholarship - Ethan Weaver

Sherene Brewer CTAEYC Endowed Scholarship In Early Childhood Professions - Hailey Gadbois

Silverblatt Law Office Endowed Scholarship - Dawn Fletcher and Shelby Fox

Single Mothers Endowed Scholarship - Ann Geelyn Briones, Miranda Calhoun, Stacy Grayless,

Kelsey Grimmett, Meghan Hamlin, Kelli Metzler‐Starnes and Tiffany Story

Subhani Foundation Endowed Scholarship - Troy Rose

Taek‐Sik Lim Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics - Phillip Kincaid

Tammy Lynn Schamberger, R.N. Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship - Stefani Ramirez

Ted and Diane Connell Endowed Aviation Scholarship - Christopher Brewer

Tolly and Florence Moore Endowed Scholarship - Ashley Demers, Komlan Dougah, Anastasia Holten, Kiki Kelley, Tiffanie Locke, Barbara Pena Reyes and Julia Silva

Tony and Jerrie Sue Cleaver Endowed Scholarship in Office Technology - Julie Garza and Caprice Gonzalez

Troy Milton Faucett and Juanita Lee Faucet Endowed Scholarship in Nursing - Khristine Carhart

Two J's Computer Endowed Scholarship - Kelsey Grimmett

Virginia Frances Piper Samuel Endowed Scholarship - Jennifer Fisher

Weldon and Nancy Whitis Endowed Technology Scholarship Fund - Komlan Dougah

Wickersham‐Thomason Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund - Silvia Dawson

William "Bill" P. Jones Memorial Aviation Fund - Christopher Brewer and Cody Dagley

William A. Crawford Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund - Meghan Hamlin

William Christopher Wilson Endowed Scholarship - Austin Quarles

Wolf Warrior Scholarship (Shoemaker) - Joell Hernandez, Michele Mayo Ibarguen, Aalyssa Ordaz, Teana Young and Timothy Zepperi

Young‐Sook "Teresa" Kwon Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics - Phillip Kincaid

The CTC Foundation will open the online scholarship application again in January 2023. For more information, contact the CTC Foundation at 254-526-1662.