Central Texas College (CTC) held a virtual service awards ceremony recently to recognize those employees with at least 10 years of service who reached their service anniversary date this year. More than 70 employees with a combined 1,160 years of service received commemorative service pins and gifts.

Topping the list of recipients were 40-year award recipient Terri O’Connor, infrastructure support manager – Information Technology, and Angela Mars, Help Desk/training coordinator – Information Technology, with 35 years of service.

Honored for 30 years of service were Kerstin Brooks, associate dean – Instruction; Michele Carter, deputy chancellor – Finance-Administration; and Syed Rabbani, physics professor – Physical Science program.

Earning 25-year service awards were David Cole, director – Military Training program; Yolanda Goins, professor – Mathematics department; Ramona Lezo, professor – Hospitality Management; Carmen Victoroff, office assistant II – Health Sciences department; and Cynthia White, accounting professor – Business Administration department.

Twenty-year service pins were awarded to James Atchley, user services manager – Information Technology; Vicky Flores, teacher – Child Development Center; Elke Jensen, professor – Hospitality Management; Joyce Jones, psychology professor – Social and Behavioral Sciences department; Carlisia Lane, recruitment supervisor – Employment Services; Michael Matthews, professor – English/Communications department; Mark Murgia – professor – Hospitality Management; Valerie Perry, site director – Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield; Michael Spruell, associate dean – Europe Campus; Sandra Whisler, anatomy and physiology professor – Biological Sciences department; and Sabine Williams, accountant – Payroll Benefits.

Receiving 15-year service pins were Erica Burton, web and digital media manager – Marketing and Outreach; Jinette Campbell, course developer – Distance Education and Education Technology; Kemar Carridge, network manager – Information Technology, Arlena Chaney, site coordinator – Bethesda-Walter Reed NMMC; Jennifer Cowfer, site director – Marble Falls; Julie Davenport, director of systems engineering – Distance Education and Education Technology; Karen Dewees, coordinator – Student Services; Ellen Falkenstein, professor – Mathematics department; Frank Frabel, senior application engineer – Information Technology; Cliff Gaines, associate deputy chancellor – Information Technology; Keith Gordon, automation technician/webmaster – Europe Campus; Sharon Herman, evaluations coordinator – Student Services; Tim Hermann, facilities manager – Physical Education Center; Erika Hudson, switchboard operator – Information Technology; Darlene Jones, systems registrar – Fort Stewart; Veronica Martin, advising director – Career and Technology Education Center; Kimberly Noel, office specialist I – CTC Bookstore; Rosa Paredes, clerk III – Systems Registration; Thidarat (Pam) Rattanapintha, technology support specialist – Distance Education and Education Technology; Frank Reed, MOS instructor – Fort Hood; Jennifer Reid, analyst II – Accounts Receivable, Victoria Robbins, custodian – Facilities Management; Deborah Shibley, associate deputy chancellor – Legal Affairs; Kimberly Simmons, professor – Health Sciences department; Chuck Sligh, site coordinator – Schlammersdorf, Germany; and Bethany Winkler, speech professor – English/Communications department.

10-year service pin recipients were Debra Austin, director – Payroll Services; Kenneth Bass, professor – Social and Behavioral Sciences department; Alice Bates-Gonzales, analyst Accounts Payable; Cassaundra Billups, analyst III – Accounts Receivable; Douglas Bussell, institutional research coordinator – Institutional Effectiveness; Justin Conover, lead advisor – Student Services; David Davis, lead electrician – Facilities Management; Melissa Gonzalez, department chairperson – Office Technology; Cornelia Green, project manager – Facilities Management; Mark Harmsen; associate deputy chancellor – Facilities Management; James Hazell, English/history professor; Tiffany Jones, site director – San Diego; Kenneth Jordan, director – Facilities Management; Lorraine Juarez, coordinator  Adult Education; Jessica Kelley, secretary – MOS, Fort Hood; Ruby Kelly Jones, helper II – Facilities Management; Brenda Krause, professor – Health Sciences department; Timothy Loomis, advisor – Student Services; Kristine Miller, lead course scheduling coordinator – Systems Registrar; Reyna Noland, teacher – Child Development Center; Robert O’Dell, simulations lab operations manager – Health Sciences department; Anthony Priddy, maintenance mechanic – Facilities Management; Franklin Roosa, site coordinator – Ramstein, Germany; Rhaiza Ruiz, instructional design/quality assurance specialist – Distance Education and Education Technology; Dollye Smith, site representative – Fort Knox, KY; Alberto Vasquez, MOS instructor – Fort Hood; and David Woodruff, building maintenance foreman – Facilities Management.   

Pictured are Angela Mars (left) and Terri O'Connor (right).