The Central Texas College (CTC) Police Academy is currently accepting applications for admission to both the full-time and part-time Basic Peace Officer academy courses. Upon successful completion of either course, students are qualified to sit for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement exam to become a peace officer in Texas.

The Basic Peace Officer course is a 720-hour-course covering all aspects of law enforcement. It is designed to prepare cadets to take the licensing exam to become a peace officer in Texas. Cadets receive extensive hands-on training in defensive tactics, firearms and police vehicle operation and also take written exams on subjects such as victims’ rights, Texas Penal Code, Texas Traffic Code, Texas Family Code, criminal investigation, stress management, problem solving and more. Upon successful completion, the cadet can earn 23 college credit hours and a certificate of completion. These hours can be applied to the CTC Associate of Applied Science degree in protective services.

The full-time academy runs January 30 through July 7. Classes will be 40 hours a week, Monday through Thursday, from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The deadline for submitting applications is January 23. The part-time academy is January 23 through December 9. Classes will be 20 hours a week, Monday through Thursday, from 6 - 10 p.m. The deadline for submitting applications for the part-time course is January 16.

The CTC Protective Service department requires applicants to be at least 21 years of age before completing the course unless they meet the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements to attend between the ages 18 to 21. Applicants must also pass a physical fitness test prior to acceptance and meet the TCOLE minimum requirements for licensing. These include no Class B misdemeanor conviction in the past 10 years, no Class A misdemeanor convictions in the past 10 years, no felony convictions, no conviction of any family violence offense and no controlled substance use for 24 months prior to application without a valid prescription.

Applicants must also be a U.S. citizen, possess a high school diploma, GED or home school diploma, must not be prohibited from operating a motor vehicle, must not be prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition and must not have been discharged from military service under dishonorable or bad conduct conditions.

Along with the application, the following documents must also be submitted: a copy of the applicant’s valid Texas (or other state) driver license; original certified copy of birth certificate or proof of U.S. citizenship and a copy of their Social Security card; a copy of high school diploma, GED or home school diploma; official college transcript (if any); photo copy of college degree (if any) and a copy of current proof of automobile liability insurance. Former military service members are required to provide a copy of DD-214 (member 4 copy) form or military discharge papers.

The application packet can be found on the CTC Police Academy website, Anyone interested in applying for the CTC Police Academy must make an appointment to turn in the required paperwork. For more information, email or call 254-526-1275.