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Continuing Education’s popular College for Kids program has expanded!


College for Kids at Lampasas

Classes will now be offered in Lampasas through a partnership with CTC and the Lampasas County Higher Education Center (LCHEC). College for Kids provides a summer of education for students of all ages starting as young as five. Through College for Kids, students can discover new talents, meet new friends and expand their knowledge in a fun hands-on learning environment under the guidance of highly passionate and experienced instructors. 


Join the Lampasas Police Department to solve the mystery of the missing mascot. The school mascot has been taken and it’s up to the students to solve the mystery before the big game! Was it one of the rival schools? In this cross-curricular investigation, students examine a note, some strange-looking leaves, a mouth guard and some white fibers left at the scene. After fingerprinting the culprit, students stage a trial. Activities include analyzing DNA results, using dichotomous keys to identify selected plants, analyzing handwriting, fingerprints, bite marks as well as using a fiber flame test.
Jun 23 WED 9 am-noon

Join the Lampasas Fire Department's Junior Firefighter Academy. Students will learn the tricks of the trade including the use of life saving equipment, fire extinguishers and firefighter vehicles. Try your hand at the firefighter obstacle course. Witness a simulated fire and smoke condition in the LFD training facility. Grab a fire hose and test your firefighting skills alongside Lampasas' bravest! Finally, play a game of water joust with our local heroes. Prepare to learn the skills necessary to fight fires and save lives. Get ready to have fun and get very wet!
Jun 24 THU 9 am-noon


Registration can be completed via:

  • Online: Submit Online Form
  • Walk-in: Lampasas County Higher Education Center, 208 East Avenue B Lampasas Texas
  • Email: Send a completed registration form and waiver to Derrick Berrios at derrick.berrios@lchec.net
  • Mail: Send a registration form, waiver, and payment to LCHEC, College for Kids, P.O. Box 184, Lampasas, TX 76550

For more information, contact Derrick Berrios at 512-556-8226.