Summer 1 classes begin virtually Monday, June 1 for most Central Campus students. Here's what you need to know:

Don't come to campus! The campus is still closed to visitors and guests and classes will start "virtually." Traditional lecture classes are being delivered via Blackboard. If your class requires a hands-on component, contact your professor to find out how and when you will be able to come to campus for your labs that require hands-on participation.

It's like a class, but you're not in the same room. Most of our professors are delivering LIVE and/or recorded lectures via "Blackboard Collaborate." This allows you to be "in class" at the scheduled time and day and ask questions and interact as you would in the classroom. You can "see" each of your classes by logging into Blackboard. If you've never used Blackboard before, take a few minutes to review a Quick Start for Blackboard for important information. It may also be helpful for you to view this Blackboard Tutorial

See Blackboard Login Instructions to review Login information.

Use the Blackboard Username Lookup to have your username emailed to you.

See the Contact Us page for information on Blackboard Technical Support.


Do what you need to succeed.  We're here to help!


How to Access Virtual Summer Classes