Military Credentialing Programs - ITNW1325 CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Exam Prep

Achieving CCNA certification is the first step in preparing for a career in IT technologies. To earn CCNA certification, you pass one exam that covers a broad range of fundamentals for IT careers, based on the latest networking technologies, software development skills, and job roles.


Current personal computer hardware including assembly, upgrading, setup, configuration, and troubleshooting. Prerequisites: None

Program Description

ITNW 1325

Current personal computer hardware including assembly, upgrading, setup. configuration, and troubleshooting.

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Program Location and Duration

Online, 1 terms, 3 credit hours, 96-128 contact hours

Program Cost

Tuition based on location and student status

Additional Program Information

  • This course prepares students to take the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 certification exam.

  • The certification exam is not included in the price of this course.

  • CompTIA A+ certification exam costs $226. Exam Vouchers can be purchased through Academic membership with CTC student email for discounted price of: $76.

Program MOS

25B, 25N, 25P, 35Q, E6, 12Y, 17C, 1C, 25C, 25D

Program Careers

Computer and Mathematical

Contact Info

Coordinating POC: CITS Department  at 254-526-1164 or

Registration POC: 254-526-1131 or 254-526-1133 or