Military Credentialing Programs - Microsoft Office 365 - Outlook 2019

In this course, we will learn the many facets of Microsoft Outlook 2019. We will learn basic functions, such as managing emails, creating and managing calendars, and customizing Outlook. We will also learn how to work with contacts and display/print views as well as creating and editing appointments.

Program Description

Students will:
  • Successfully send an email message.
  • Reply to an email message.
  • Edit the calendar in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Create an individual and a group contact in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Create and modify a task.
  • Customize Outlook by inserting links into messages, creating rules, and setting an email signature.

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Program Location and Duration

Online, 30 hours, 12 months access, self-paced

Program Cost

$615 with exam voucher

Additional Program Information

  • This course prepares a student to take the Microsoft Outlook 2019 national certification exam. Exam voucher is included in cost of tuition.

Program MOS

25B, Soldier Common Core

Program Careers

Office and Administrative Support

Contact Info

Continuing Education, 254-526-1586