Overview - Distance Learning

In addition to classes on site, Central Texas College Europe offers a number of vocational technical courses online delivered directly from CTC's main campus.

Degree Plans

If you wish to view the  degree and certificate programs CTC offers completely online, go to http://www.ctcd.edu/academics/programs-of-study/online-programs/.

You also may be able to enroll in other degree or certificate programs where you can take online courses to help you establish resident credit. In order to obtain a CTC degree or certificate, you must successfully complete at least 25 percent of your degree requirements through CTC courses. You may  be able to complete the remainder of your degree requirements using transfer and/or evaluated credits.  You can view all of CTC's programs at http://www.ctcd.edu/academics/programs-of-study/.

Course Offerings / Schedule

We offer classes beginning each month. The schedule can be found online at
http://soarapp.ctcd.org/online_forms/schedule/schedule.cfm. It lists registration dates, semester dates and classes offered for that semester.

  • Click Here to see a schedule flyer Europe Distance Learning at Europe sites

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