Central Texas College is very committed to provide an inclusive browsing and online academic environment. Great consideration and emphasis is placed on providing a web experience that will address barriers that may be faced by individuals with disablities. Our goal is to ensure all of the CTC websites are in compliance the regulations set forth by the Texas Administrative Code 206.70 Accessibility standard. CTC will strive to encourage all web system users to go beyond the minium standards that are outlined in Texas Administrative Code 206.70. 

All reasonable measures are put in place to ensure that CTC's websites adhere to standards defined in the Federal Rehabilitation Act Section 508

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility focuses on removing barriers that prevent individuals with but not limited certain disabilities such as loss of sight or hearing. It is designed to ensure all individuals with or without a disability have access to information that is presented to provide a similar web experience by all.

Major categories of disabilities:

  • Visual - Blind, low vision, color blindness
  • Hearing - Partial, or total hearing impairment
  • Motor - Impairments to any physical movement
  • Cognitive - Learning disorders

Campus Resource

Disability Support Services
Through collaboration and support of the entire campus community, Disability Support Services (DSS) provides educational access for students who submit appropriate disability documentation. Students with disabilities are encouraged to visit with a disability support coordinator to discuss documentation requirements and any reasonable accommodation options for your classes.