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Central Texas College is one of the most qualified institutions in which to learn diesel training. With our highly-trained personnel, state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch facilities, students receive the highest level of education available.

America is dependent on vehicles, machinery and equipment run by diesel-powered engines. Diesel trucks transport goods, foods and materials throughout the country. Diesel buses provide transportation for millions of people locally and transcontinental. Diesel farm equipment is used for planting and harvesting crops. Construction of roads, buildings and other structures is made possible with diesel-powered equipment. Large power plants, ships and other marine operations also make use of diesel-powered engines.

Careers, Potential Earnings & Market Growth Rates

Bus and truck mechanic and diesel engine specialist

Potential earnings: $21.40 hourly; $44,520 annually

Market growth rate: faster than average (nine - 13 percent)

Motorboat mechanic and service technician

Potential earnings: $18.41 hourly; $38,280 annually

Market growth rate: slower than average (two - four percent)

Farm equipment mechanic and service technician

Potential earnings: $17.82 hourly; $37,050 annually

Market growth rate: average (five - eight percent)

Know Your Path? CTC Pathway

Degrees and Certificates

This program offers different pathways, and you can choose your final destination. Students may pursue an associate degree or certificate. The certificate develops skills for more immediate employability. The associate degree adds additional specialized coursework along with more general academic courses.

This competency-based program allows you to begin at any time and work at your own pace with convenient hours to fit your schedule. The certificates of completion within this program provide flexibility to accommodate the special needs of each student.

The program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the diesel repair field. Students are taught using a “systems” approach (engines, aftertreatment, power trains, hydraulics, etc.) which allows you to enter any one of the many separate fields of diesel repair. The program provides entry-level, industry-validated, hands-on instruction in using the latest technologies in diesel technology.

Degrees & Certificates Delivery Mode
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Diesel Engine Technician and Maintainer (AAS)
60 credit hours
Diesel Technician (CC)
Self-Paced Level II
45 credit hours, 1648 clock hours
 Central Campus Day
Basic Diesel Technician (CC)
Self-Paced Level I
19 credit hours, 608 clock hours
 Central Campus Day
Diesel System Specialist (CC)
Self-Paced Level I
19 credit hours, 592 clock hours
 Central Campus Day
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