EKG Technician

Military Credentialing Programs - EKG Technician

EKG rhythms provide important data for the diagnosis of heart conditions. By administering EKGs, testing the electrical activity of the heart through small electrode patches attached to the body, you will be making a life-changing difference by helping people of all ages prevent and treat heart disease. These tests can be performed during physical exams, when cardiovascular problems are suspected, or in preparation for surgery.

Program Description

The need for qualified EKG technicians continues to rise as the aging population in America grows (and with it, the prevalence of heart-related conditions). This course consists of 60-hours of accelerated classroom training with emphasis on skills mastery through hands-on practice and supervision.

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Program Location and Duration

Central Campus, 60 hours, average course length 3-4 months

Program Cost

$649 which includes consumable supplies, clinical insurance, name tag and course completion certificate.

Additional Program Information

  • This course prepares the student to take the EKG Technician (CET) certification exam, offered through National Healthcareer Association.

  • The certification exam is not included in the price of this course.

Program MOS

F2, M5, N4, Q5, W1, 68S, 68V, 68W

Program Careers

Healthcare Support

Contact Info

Coordinating POC: Morgan Matlock, 254-526-1415

Registration POC: Continuing Education Department, 254-526-1586