During the 88th regular session in 2023, the Texas Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law Senate Bill 17, which prohibits certain initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion at public institutions of higher education, including community colleges.  The law is effective January 1, 2024. The full text of SB 17 can be found here. Also, the Texas Association of School Board Community College Services developed a useful FAQ that details the law and the responsibilities it places on institutions.

The administration of Central Texas College has thoroughly reviewed the statute together with existing campus programs and policies. Ensuring full compliance with SB 17 will be an ongoing process as the impacts of the new law evolve. There are restrictions, though many of the activities that have historically taken place on campus remain permissible.

CTC has always been a welcome and accepting home to a vibrant population of students, faculty, and staff, and it will continue to be a place of access, belonging, and connections while navigating the mandates of this new law.

Dr. Michele J. Carter, Chancellor