sample url imageCentral Texas College was the first college in the United States to offer an undergraduate degree program in hospitality management which could be completed solely online.

Not only does this allow us to access students from across the world, but we are also able to attract faculty with the highest experience and credentials to teach these classes.

The hotel, restaurant and beverage industry does not allow for managers/employees to be allotted the same time period off each week for an 8- to 16-week period to complete college courses in the traditional classroom setting.

By taking classes online, a student can manage school and schedule it around peak work periods. All courses are self-paced and, depending on an individual's experience level, the course can be completed in as short a time as three weeks or as long as 16 weeks.

Each student will need to choose a degree field. Check out this website to determine which online program you wish to pursue. The primary fields are hotel management and food and beverage management. We also have an online certificate program in food service management, targeting our military food service personnel. Each candidate, upon successful completion of all requirements, will earn an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree.


CHEF 1305 - Sanitation and Safety
HAMG 1321 - Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HAMG 1313 - Front Office Procedures
HAMG 1319 - Computers in Hospitality
HAMG 1324 - Hospitality Human Resource Management
HAMG 1340 - Hospitality Legal Issues
HAMG 1342 - Guest Room Maintenance
HAMG 2301 - Principles of Food and Beverage Operations
HAMG 2307 - Hospitality Marketing and Sales
HAMG 2332 - Hospitality Financial Management
HAMG 2337 - Hospitality Facilities Management
HAMG 2372 - Hospitality Industry Training
HAMG 2388 - Internship I-Hospitality Administration and Management
IFWA 1318 - Nutrition for the Food Service Professional
RSTO 1204 - Dining Room Services
RSTO 1221 - Menu Management
RSTO 1301 - Beverage Management
RSTO 1313 - Hospitality Supervision
RSTO 1325 - Purchasing for Hospitality Operations
RSTO 2301 - Principles of Food and Beverage Controls
TRVM 1300 - Introduction to Travel and Tourism
TRVM 2301 - Introduction to Convention/Meeting Management

Evaluated Credit - At CTC, we recognize some of our students will possess exceptional knowledge acquired through many years within the hospitality industry. Students are invited to submit resumes, transcripts and other documented training to be weighed and college credit awarded toward their degree plan for approved courses.

Students should submit copies to:

Central Texas College
ATTN: Evaluations
P.O. Box 1800
Killeen, TX 76540-1800

Copies will not be returned, but will be maintained on file for future reference.

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