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Do you like working with cars? Are you organized and detail-oriented? If so, a career in the automotive industry would be a great choice for you. The automotive service industry is one of the largest industries worldwide. The size and diversity of the industry offer many opportunities for interesting, challenging and rewarding careers. Continuing technological changes in the industry demand the automotive technician continue to learn and update knowledge and skills.

The automotive industry is and has become a forever-changing industry. With all the on-board computers and options now available in vehicles, students must be prepared to service a variety of systems.  

Careers, Potential Earnings & Market Growth Rates

Automotive specialty technician

Median wages: $18.50 hourly; $38,470 annually

Projected growth rate: average (five to eight percent)

Automotive master mechanic

Median wages: $18.50 hourly; $38,470 annually

Projected growth rateaverage (five - eight percent)

Automotive engineering technician

Median wages: $26.19 hourly; $54,480 annually

Projected growth rateslower than average (two - four percent)

Know Your Path? CTC Pathway

Degrees and Certificates

This program offers different pathways, and you can choose your final destination. Students may pursue an associate degree or certificate. The certificate develops skills for more immediate employability. The associate degree adds additional specialized coursework along with more general academic courses.

The Automotive program provides an entry-level and industry-validated hands-on learning environment. Students learn the latest technologies and use of tools and equipment to meet ASE requirements for the automotive repair field. Students are encouraged to sit for the ASE certification exam upon completion of the program. The exam is offered at the CTC central campus.

Degrees & Certificates Delivery Mode
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Automotive Mechanic/Technician (AAS)
60 credit hours, two years full-time
 Other U.S. Locations (Fort Knox, Fort Riley)
Automotive Technician (CC)
Level II
45 credit hours, two years full-time
 Central Campus Day
Automotive System Specialist (CC)
Level I
19 credit hours, one-year full time
 Central Campus Day
 Other U.S. Locations (Fort Knox, Fort Riley)
Basic Automotive Technician (CC)
19 credit hours
 Central Campus Day
 Other U.S. Locations (Fort Knox, Fort Riley)
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