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The opportunities for design drafters in Texas are very bright with many manufacturing and construction industries expected to experience double-digit growth in the coming years. New applications such as 3D printing, building information modeling and 3D visualization can prepare you to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Learn the skills you need to get a job. Our courses give you exposure to a variety of specialty design areas while allowing you the opportunity to focus on your area of interest. You will learn how to apply your critical thinking skills, work skills, industry specific procedures and 3D prototyping to create great new opportunities for yourself.

Our new self-paced format allows you to create your own schedule, starting with three to four classes at the beginning of the semester. As you master course content, you can start additional courses providing you the opportunity to complete a certificate or degree quickly to get the job of your dreams.

Careers, Potential Earnings & Market Growth Rates

Architectural and Engineering Drafters

Potential Earnings: $51,640 annual

Market Growth Rate: 5% to 9%

Drafter, All Others

Potential Earnings: $50,470 annual

Market Growth Rate: 5% to 9%

Electronic and Electrical Drafters

Potential Earnings: $59,970 annual

Market Growth Rate: 5% to 9%

Mechanical Drafters

Potential Earnings: $54,480 annual

Market Growth Rate: 5% to 9%

Know Your Path? CTC Pathway

Computer Aided Drafting and Design Pathway

What’s Your Path? 
Choosing your program of study is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and we’re here to help!
First, understand that CTC has two kinds of programs with different goals:
  • University Transfer programs cover your core classes (the basics) and provide field of study courses based on what you want to study at your transfer destination. When you’re done at CTC, you’ll have an Associate of Arts OR an Associate of Science and be ready to move on.
  • Career and Technical programs are designed to prepare you for employment. Stackable certificates and degrees focus on the skills you need for the workplace in a particular field.

Degrees and Certificates

This program offers a unique, self-paced course schedule. You'll start with three to four courses beginning in the fall or spring semester, and work at their own pace during lab hours with an instructor or lab assistants available for assistance. Instructors provide optional workshops on complex concepts and provide shortcuts and tips and tricks to help you move forward faster. 

When coursework is complete, you can sign up for an additional course at any time during the semester - allowing quicker completion of the certificate or degree.

Degrees & Certificates Delivery Mode
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Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (AAS)
60 credit hours, four semesters full time
 Central Campus Day
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CC)
26 credit hours, two semesters full time
 Central Campus Day
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (OSA)
12 credit hours
 Central Campus Day
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